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Who are we?

The Furniture Barn is a family business which has been selling quality furniture for over 50 years. During this time the founder who started the business buying and selling antiques throughout Europe and the U.S has become a bit of an antique himself! However this means he does have a vast and invaluable understanding of wood! One of his favourite sayings is thick as a plank. In today's market place you must offer the lowest prices and that's just what we do without compromising quality.

In each store we create individual room sets in order to give our customers a feeling of how the furniture may look at home. We know from experience scale is important and whilst a piece may look fine in a huge open plan showroom it may dominate a normal sized room. We also push the boat out a bit when it comes to some of the wallpapers I use in the rooms. My husband's comment is usually " it was How Much! " Each room is shown with items available from our Furniture Barn Accessories stores in Market Harborough. We even put up curtains to add more authenticity to the rooms.

You tell us you love the showrooms but you love the prices even more! And that's what counts.

Gill Kimbell
Director of Visual Merchandising
Founder's Boss

Mission Statement

I hate Mission Statements. My mission is to make money but in the meantime I'm settling for supplying the best items I can for the lowest price possible. As mainly a buyer I want to find furniture that's stylish and different BUT it must be well made and made to last. One of my pet hates on meeting someone is being told that they bought something from me 30 years ago and they have no intention of replacing it as it is still in good condition. I am proud though that 94% of our customers rate our furniture as good or very good.

Do visit one of our shops if you can. You will find many more items than we show on the web site. Our sales people are there to help you find the best item for your need. We don't want to sell you an item you later regret buying. You will probably tell all your friends about it and that's less than helpful to us.

Lastly I hate lies or dishonesty. The company has a nil tolerance policy to both. We aren't perfect, we're human. We make mistakes but we will tell you the truth and do our best to correct these in a prompt and straightforward way.

Richard Kimbell
Managing Director
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