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At the Furniture Barn we have a wide range of TV stands. Whether you call it a TV Stand, TV Unit or TV Cabinet - we sell it! For your flat screen TV why not try one of our large or extra large TV stands? If you want to save space in your living room, our corner TV units may be a great choice for you! All of our TV stands come with plenty storage space in the form of cupboards and shelves.

We offer Oak TV units, Pine TV Units and Mahogany TV Units - all made to the highest quality and at amazing prices. Why not take a look today and make a fantastic saving!
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The Average Saving for these items
at The Furniture Barn is 40%

Oxford Small TV Unit

RRP £214.00 £109.00 FB-OX-1989 In Stock

Oxford TV Corner Unit

RRP £278.00 £125.00 FB-OX-1990 Due in Tomorrow

Winchester Oak TV Unit

RRP £250.00 £155.00 GS-WIN-G2130 In Stock

Winchester Oak Corner TV Unit

RRP £250.00 £189.00 GS-WIN-G2133 In Stock

Winchester Oak Large TV Unit

RRP £297.00 £199.00 GS-WIN-G2131 In Stock

Winchester Extra Large TV Unit With Doors

RRP £400.00 £239.00 GS-WIN-G2132 In Stock

Winchester Low Line TV Unit

RRP £500.00 £289.00 GS-WIN-G2156 In Stock

Winchester Extra Large Low Line TV Unit

RRP £570.00 £345.00 GS-WIN-G2157 In Stock

Georgia Painted TV Unit

RRP £395.00 £279.00 CL-WPMN-22 Due in 4 Days

Portland Painted Corner TV Cabinet

RRP £250.00 £175.00 CL-PPCTV Due in 4 Days

Portland Painted Large TV Cabinet

RRP £315.00 £225.00 CL-PPLTV Due in 4 Days

Milano Oak TV Unit

RRP £375.00 £265.00 CL-M-MTV Due in 4 Days

Porto Painted TV Cabinet

RRP £420.00 £315.00 CL-PRP-TV22 Due in 4 Days

Malmo TV Unit

RRP £588.00 £399.00 CL-MAL4 In Stock

Malmo 1 Door TV Unit

RRP £413.00 £295.00 CL-MAL12 Due In 4 Days

Cambridgeshire Small TV Unit (DISCONTINUED)

RRP £214.00 £99.00 FB-CAM-G2013 In Stock

Salisbury Small TV Unit

RRP £214.00 £109.00 GS-SAL-G966 In Stock

Salisbury Corner TV Unit

RRP £278.00 £125.00 GS-SAL-G967 In Stock
Chester Oak TV Unit

Chester Oak TV Unit

RRP £250.00 £155.00 GS-CH-G1446 In Stock
Chester Extra Large Oak TV Unit

Chester Extra Large TV Unit

RRP £407.00 £239.00 GS-CH-G1474 In Stock
Vintage Oak TV Unit

Vintage Large TV Unit

RRP £540.00 £299.00 GS-VG-G2724 Due in 7 Days
Vintage Oak Corner TV Unit

Vintage Corner TV Unit

RRP £540.00 £299.00 GS-VG-G2725 In Stock
Tamworth Acacia TV Unit

Tamworth TV Unit

RRP £352.00 £215.00 GS-TAM-G3113 In Stock
Tamworth Large TV Unit

Tamworth Large TV Unit

RRP £462.00 £275.00 GS-TAM-G3114 In Stock

Bexley Small TV Unit

RRP £325.00 £175.00 GS-BEX-G705 In Stock

Bexley Corner TV Unit

RRP £425.00 £235.00 GS-BEX-G1079 Due in 2 Days

Rockhampton Large Tv Unit

RRP £655.00 £385.00 GS-ROC-3170 In Stock

Galway Small Tv Unit

RRP £299.00 £179.00 GS-GAL-2221 In Stock

Galway Large Tv Unit

RRP £425.00 £249.00 GS-GAL-2222 In Stock

Gloucester TV Unit

RRP £250.00 £165.00 GS-GC-2278 In Stock

Gloucester Large TV Unit

RRP £310.00 £215.00 GS-GC-2279 In Stock

Gloucester Corner TV Unit

RRP £370.00 £225.00 GS-GC-2280 In Stock

Galway Corner TV Unit

RRP £345.00 £199.00 GS-GAL-2224 In Stock
Grand Large Oak TV Unit

Grand Large TV Unit

RRP £540.00 £298.00 GS-GR-G1724 Due in 2 Days
Grand Oak Corner TV Unit

Grand Corner TV Unit

RRP £540.00 £299.00 GS-GR-G1725 In Stock

Cream Painted Manor TV Unit

RRP £395.00 £279.00 FO-WPM-22 Due In 4 Days

Averne TV Unit

RRP £605.00 £329.00 FO-AV-FRC023 Due In 4 Days


RRP £632.00 £365.00 GS-BOL-G1646 In Stock

Foxton Oak Corner TV Unit

RRP £475.00 £199.00 FB-FOX-2133 3 Weeks

Foxton Oak Large TV Unit

RRP £415.00 £219.00 FB-FOX-2131 3 Weeks

Coastal TV Cabinet (DISCONTINUED)

RRP £300.00 £175.00 BO-COA-APE001 In Stock

Coastal TV Cabinet With 1 Drawer (DISCONTINUED)

RRP £450.00 £275.00 BO-COA-APE006 In Stock

Averne Corner TV Unit

RRP £500.00 £349.00 FO-AV-FRCO-23A Due In 4 Days

Milano Oak Low Unit

RRP £500.00 £329.00 CL-M-MLU Due in 4 Days

Lowa Painted TV Unit

RRP £450.00 £289.00 CL-ULOW-TV22 Due In 4 Days

Averne Plasma TV Unit

RRP £495.00 £329.00 FO-AV-FRC022 Please Call

We have TV units in various types of wood with numerous choices of finishes. All our TV units are built to a very high standard to support the weight of the largest of TVs. Whether you are looking for a small TV stand for the bedroom or a larger TV unit for the living room, The Furniture Barn will have something to suit your needs. We also offer a large number of corner TV units which are perfect for using less space in you room while still supporting your prized TV.

N.B. If you have visited our site before, but can't seem to find the item of furniture that you have previously seen, this doesn't necessarily mean that we no longer supply it. Give our telesales team a call on 01858 41 41 80 and they will be more than happy to check the items availability.

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