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Welcome to our section of hall tables and console tables. As you will see, we have a broad range for you to choose from. Whether you're looking at buying a hall table or a console table, both will give you narrow depth and useful storage. In addition to this, our selection offers vast styles of tables in oak, pine, mahogany and mango wood. It's also worth remembering that this furniture can go wherever you want it to, so if you want a hall table for the lounge or a console table for the hall, well...Why not?
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at The Furniture Barn is 42%

Gloucester Console Table

RRP £295.00 £215.00 GS-GC-2277 In Stock

Oxford Console Table 2 Drawer

RRP £175.00 £95.00 FB-OX-1988 Due in 3 Days

Salisbury Console Table

RRP £175.00 £95.00 GS-SAL-G964 In Stock

Wessex Oak Console Table

RRP £375.00 £195.00 GS-WE-G1923 In Stock

Winchester Oak Console Table

RRP £272.00 £185.00 GS-WIN-G2129 Due in 8 Days
Vintage Oak Console Table

Vintage Console Table

RRP £450.00 £259.00 GS-VG-G2721 In Stock
oak hallway table

Grand Console Table

RRP £450.00 £245.00 GS-GR-G1721 In Stock

Irish Coast Console Table

RRP £299.00 £169.00 BF-IC30 In Stock

Irish Coast Hall Table 2 Drawer

RRP £299.00 £169.00 BF-IC23 In Stock

Georgia Painted Console Table

RRP £275.00 £195.00 CL-WPMN-120 Due in 4 Days

Portland Painted 1 Drawer Console Table

RRP £140.00 £99.00 CL-PP1ST In Stock

Portland Painted 2 Drawer Console Table

RRP £200.00 £139.00 CL-PP2ST In Stock

Milano Oak Console Table with Drawers

RRP £315.00 £199.00 CL-M-MSTS In Stock

Porto Painted Console Table

RRP £300.00 £215.00 CL-PRP-CO12 Due in 4 Days

Malmo Console Table

RRP £238.00 £169.00 CL-MAL5 Due in 4 Days

Averne Small Console Table

RRP £415.00 £245.00 FO-AV-FRC0120 In Stock

Averne Hall Table

RRP £360.00 £210.00 FO-AV-FRC01120 In Stock

Cornwall Hall Table (DISCONTINUED)

RRP £295.00 £136.00 BF-COR-CD19 In Stock

Bolt Console Table (DISCONTINUED)

RRP £285.00 £189.00 GS-BOL-G1644 In Stock

Bexley Console Table

RRP £325.00 £185.00 GS-BEX-G703 In Stock

Farndon Small Console Table (DISCONTINUED)

RRP £355.00 £129.00 FO-FA-RMKN120 In Stock

Rockhampton Console Table With Drawer

RRP £635.00 £375.00 GS-ROC-3169 In Stock

Galway Console Table

RRP £315.00 £185.00 GS-GAL-2220 In Stock

Galway Hallway Unit

RRP £625.00 £365.00 GS-GAL-2235 In Stock

Cream Painted Manor Console Table

RRP £359.00 £125.00 FO-WPM-120 Due In 4 Days

Manor House Elm 2 Drawer Hall Table

RRP £535.00 £335.00 HC-XND005 In Stock

Foxton Oak Console Table

RRP £385.00 £199.00 FB-FOX-2129 3 Weeks

Gloucester Console Table With Baskets

RRP £465.00 £319.00 GS-GC-2269 In Stock

Suffolk Console Table With Baskets

RRP £490.00 £295.00 GS-SU-2205 In Stock

Coastal Hall Table With Drawers (DISCONTINUED)

RRP £295.00 £175.00 BO-COA-APA008 In Stock

Coastal Small Console Table (DISCONTINUED)

RRP £225.00 £115.00 BO-COA-APA009 In Stock

Lowa Painted Large Console Table

RRP £280.00 £199.00 CL-ULOW-CO12 Due In 4 Days

Vermont Console Table

RRP £300.00 £165.00 CL-VTA-001 Due In 4 Days

Vermont Hall Table

RRP £289.00 £159.00 CL-VTA-002 Due In 4 Days

N.B. If you have visited our site before, but can't seem to find the item of furniture that you have previously seen, this doesn't necessarily mean that we no longer supply it. Give our telesales team a call on 01858 41 41 80 and they will be more than happy to check the items availability.

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