Oak & Pine Display Cabinets

Putting your ornaments, pictures and other treasured possessions in a glazed pine or oak display cabinet is a great way to showcase the things you love whilst keeping them secure. Within our collection you will find a selection of display cabinets featuring either cupboards, drawers or both, giving you the opportunity to store other belongings away from view. All of our display cabinets are handmade by highly skilled craftsmen, so you're guaranteed an item of real character, made by people that really care about the quality of their products.

The Average Saving for these items at The Furniture Barn is 34%

Wessex Glazed Display Cabinet

RRP £1025.00 £659.00 GS-WE-G1931 In Stock

Winchester Glazed Display Cabinet

RRP £800.00 £599.00 GS-WIN-G2153 In Stock

Winchester Corner Display Cabinet

RRP £650.00 £489.00 GS-WIN-G2169 In Stock

Chester Glazed Display Cabinet

RRP £812.00 £599.00 GS-CH-G1476 In Stock
Oak Display Cabinet

Grand Glazed Display Cabinet

RRP £1365.00 £789.00 GS-GR-G1726 In Stock

Cream Painted Manor Glazed Display Cabinet

RRP £625.00 £479.00 FO-WPM-91 Due In 7 Days

Lowa Glazed Display Cabinet

RRP £850.00 £569.00 CL-ULOW-DU91 Due In 7 Days

Charlotte Display Cabinet

RRP £799.00 £499.00 GS-CHA-G1180 In Stock

Colorado Display Cabinet

RRP £690.00 £529.00 CL-UCOL-DU91 Due In 7 Days
Oak Display Cabinet

Vintage Glazed Display Cabinet

RRP £1365.00 £789.00 GS-VG-G2726 In Stock

Averne Glazed Display Cabinet

RRP £985.00 £649.00 FO-AV-FRC091 In Stock

Averne Corner Display Cabinet

RRP £649.00 £479.00 FO-AV-FRC097 Due In 7 Days

Bexley Display Cabinet

RRP £880.00 £499.00 GS-BEX-G707 In Stock

Galway Large Display Cabinet

RRP £995.00 £709.00 GS-GAL-2241 In Stock

Galway Corner Display Cabinet

RRP £495.00 £359.00 GS-GAL-2240 In Stock

Driftwood Display Cabinet

RRP £615.00 £379.00 CL-DWA-005 Due In 7 Days

Camrose Glazed Display Cabinet

RRP £729.00 £419.00 CL-CRA-008 Due In 7 Days

N.B. If you have visited our site before, but can't seem to find the item of furniture that you have previously seen, this doesn't necessarily mean that we no longer supply it. Give our telesales team a call on 01858 41 41 80 and they will be more than happy to check the items availability.

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