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We have a fantastic selection of oak cupboards, as well as pine and mango wood. All made to a high standard with all of the benefits you would expect from a quality piece of furniture, including dovetailed joints, solid wood construction, hand finishing, attractive handles (many of our ranges come with two sets of interchangeable handles) and are truly built to last. If you don't find what you're looking for here then please see our sideboards section as you may find a smaller sideboard that could be just what you are looking for.

57.5cm(w) 78cm(h) 56cm(d)  
£345 multi-buy £219
102.8cm(w) 78cm(h) 56cm(d)  
£595 multi-buy £385
54cm(w) 61cm(h) 38cm(d)  
£395 multi-buy £255
54cm(w) 94cm(h) 38cm(d)  
£525 multi-buy £339
45cm(w) 75cm(h) 35cm(d)  
£245 multi-buy £159
75cm(w) 100cm(h) 35cm(d)  
£425 multi-buy £275
97cm(w) 84cm(h) 54cm(d)  
£785 multi-buy £499
In Stock
70cm(w) 75cm(h) 35cm(d)  
£335 multi-buy £215
85cm(w) 90cm(h) 60cm(d)  
£419 multi-buy £269
78cm(w) 80cm(h) 37cm(d)  
£299 multi-buy £189
80cm(w) 80cm(h) 38cm(d)  
£279 multi-buy £179
In Stock
78cm(w) 80cm(h) 37cm(d)  
£299 multi-buy £189
In Stock
55cm(w) 60cm(h) 42cm(d)  
£585 multi-buy £379
105cm(w) 115cm(h) 40cm(d)  
£915 multi-buy £595