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Display Cabinet

A display cabinet is used for displaying and storing books, ornaments, trophies, photos of loved ones and all sorts of useful bits and pieces.  Furniture Barn’s range of wooden display cabinets is sure to have something that appeals to you.

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80cm(w) 98.7cm(h) 40cm(d)  
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45cm(w) 98cm(h) 35cm(d)  
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95cm(w) 195cm(h) 37cm(d)  
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90cm(w) 170cm(h) 37.5cm(d)  
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104cm(w) 185cm(h) 34cm(d)  
was £1349 sale £915
from £20.69 per month*
65cm(w) 190cm(h) 40cm(d)  
was £829 sale £545
from £12.32 per month*

Our guide below will take you through the kinds of display cabinets we have available.  With any luck, you’ll find something suitable for your home.


Various kinds of storage are available – but which type will allow you to get the most from your new cabinet?  It all depends on what you’re using it for.

  • A traditional display cabinet with glass doors allows you to display breakables safely whilst keeping dust and insects at bay, so they are fantastic for fine china and ornaments.
  • Shelves are more accessible, useful for keeping items you take out a lot, such as books or family photos.  In addition, shelves are easier to clean than glass.  See the Alford for an example of this style.
  • A display cabinet with drawers offers space for notebooks, photo albums and address books.
  • A glass cabinet with a cupboard provides plenty of room to show off your china as well as a place to hide away more personal items.
  • Why limit yourself?  For a mixture of storage types, the Sherington includes open shelving, a cupboard and drawers, while the Hockley Grand combined bookcase and display cabinet boasts a glass cabinet, open shelves and drawers – ideal for keeping books, ornaments and personal items in one place.

Size and shape

The size and shape of your new cabinet are crucial, too:

  • If you’re only looking to store a few odds and ends, a small display cabinet will do the job nicely.
  • A narrow display cabinet can fit easily into tight or awkward spaces.  Great if you need something that won’t take up too much room.
  • A tall display cabinet has enough height for a bit more storage, making the best use of your ceiling space.
  • If you’d prefer lots of storage and have plenty of room, try something wider, such as a 2 door or even 3 door cabinet.
  • A corner cabinet is perfectly shaped to fit in the corner of the room.  The Winchester corner display cabinet is an example of this space saving design.


When choosing between wooden display cabinets, think about the type of wood you would prefer.  Each kind of wood brings its own unique benefits.

  • Pine is a light and cost effective option and is available in a wider variety of finishes because it is so easy to stain.
  • An oak display cabinet is heavier and more likely to be found in a waxed, lacquered or oiled finish which brings out the oak’s naturally stunning woodgrain.
  • Reclaimed wood is an eco-friendly choice with plenty of character.  It’s less likely to split than newer wood since it will move less in response to moisture in the air.


Next, consider the style of cabinet you would prefer.

  • Recessed handles and slab panel doors are common features of a Scandi or modern retro style cabinets such as the Shackleton.
  • A painted white display cabinet like the Chalcot has a contemporary style and suits farmhouse style dining rooms and kitchens.
  • Metal legs give reclaimed furniture industrial appeal.  The Halstein is an excellent example of this type of cabinet.
  • Chunky oak display cabinets like the Winchester have a more rustic look.


Our cabinets include a selection of woodworking features for additional style and personality.  We’ve included some examples here.

  • The Bromley has exposed tenon joints which provide extra texture.
  • Panelling is a great way to add depth and definition to any piece of furniture.  The Farnborough’s doors feature raised panels for a dash of elegance, while the Vintage has flat panel sides and doors for rustic appeal.
  • Breadboard ends are a popular feature for the top of a display cabinet.  Traditionally breadboard ends offer extra strength, but they look beautiful, too, especially in a farmhouse style home.


Finally, handles are the finishing touch on any display cabinet and can completely alter its style.

  • Simple and modest, door knobs look brilliant on both contemporary and traditional style furniture.
  • You’re more likely to see D, bar or bow handles on modern style cabinets.
  • Recessed handles are a sleek staple of modern retro design.
  • Cup handles are a common find on contemporary style items, particularly in a black, antique or silver finish.

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Browse our display cabinet section and find the perfect addition to your kitchen or dining room.

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