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Bed headboards are the finishing touch to your bed and are available in a selection of sizes, colours and styles.  Why not browse our collection and see which of our designs is right for you?

To find out more about this bedroom essential, read our guide at the bottom of the page.

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Can’t choose between our fabulous headboards?  We’ve included more information below to point you in the right direction.


Firstly, consider which style of headboard would work best in your room.  At Furniture Barn, we sell two kinds: strutted style and Euro style.


The strutted style is the cheaper of the two.  It rises from the top of the mattress and is attached to the divan by two struts.


The Euro style is upholstered all the way to the floor, which is why it’s more expensive than the strutted style.  There are two types of Euro headboard available: slim and wide.  So, what’s the difference?

  • A Euro slim is the same width as the divan.
  • A Euro wide is slightly wider than the divan.

Some of our designs, such as the Hypnos Isobella, come in both a strutted and Euro version.

Fabric upholstery

Many of our designs are upholstered in fabric.  A fabric headboard comes with several advantages:

  • Comfort is a big plus.  A padded headboard is fantastic for anyone who likes to read, watch films or work on their laptop in bed.  No need to lean against hard wooden slats or cold metal bars!
  • Unlike wood or metal options, a fabric headboard can be upholstered in a selection of colours, so it can be perfectly tailored to your colour scheme.
  • Different fabrics and textures are also a possibility.  Use cosy linens, luxurious velvets or even wool or silk to achieve the look you want.
  • You can also include more detail on an upholstered headboard, such as button tufting, piping and nailhead trims.  Whether you prefer a plain design or something more extravagant, you’re bound to find something that fits the tone of your bedroom.


It’s important to pick a colour that will complement the other furniture in the room.  However, here are a few extra considerations before buying.

  • black or dark blue headboard will be better at hiding marks, making it a good choice if you plan to lean against it often.
  • If you’d like something versatile or aren’t sure which colour will work best, a grey headboard is a safe bet as it’s unlikely to clash with existing furnishings.
  • cream headboard looks very elegant and blends well with plenty of colour schemes.  Take care, however, as cream and white will show marks more clearly than other colours.


Some of our designs are plain.  Their simple appearance works brilliantly in modern bedrooms and for anyone who likes their furnishings sleek and straightforward.

Other designs include extra detail for a unique, opulent or stylish appearance.

Button tufting

Traditionally, button tufting was used to stop furniture from becoming lumpy, creating internal pockets to hold fillings in place.  We don’t have this problem anymore, but button tufting is still a classic and sophisticated design feature.


Sometimes known as welting, piping is sewn into the seams of upholstery, creating additional texture.  The Hypnos Petra incorporates piping with beautiful results.

Some piping features a different colour fabric to accent the base fabric.

Piping isn’t just for show, however.  Like tufting, it used to have a more practical purpose.  By holding the seams of the fabric together more securely, it actually increases durability of the upholstery.


Finally, our products come in a selection of sizes to suit any bed.  Although singledoubleking and super king are the most common sizes, we can also supply other size options such as 2’6 small singles and 4’0 small doubles.  If you would like to know if we stock a more unusual size, feel free to give us a call on 0333 200 1558  and we’ll be happy to help.

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