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Sofas & Chairs

Sofas are where we wind down on weeknights, curl up with books and cuddle up with family and friends - so why would you want yours to be anything other than perfect?

Take a seat as we guide you through our splendid selection.

2, 3 and 4 seaters

Lifestyle plays an important part in the couch you choose. 2 seaters are great for couples, for example. A 3 seater or large sofa is ideal for families. 4 seaters are a fantastic choice if you have lots of visitors or get-togethers.

Size matters

Sofa size matters, so consider how much lounge space you have and how much seating you need. For example, not sure a small sofa will be small enough? Try buying a snuggler instead of a 2 seater. Corner sofas can be squeezed into the corner of your lounge, providing plenty of seating without taking up too much floorspace.

The right combination of seating means you can maximise the potential of your living room's size and shape. Would a grand sofa and two armchairs suit your sitting room better than a 3 seater and a 2 seater, for example?

Remember, it's not just your seating that needs to fit in your lounge! Ideally there should be a foot and a half between the coffee table and your seating. Seats should be the same height as your coffee table, and your coffee table should be about two thirds the width of your couch. Doors and drawers shouldn't be obstructed by your seating, either.

Think bigger than just the living room, too - don't have enough spare bedrooms? Why not buy a sofa bed so family and friends can still pay a visit?

Put your feet up

If you want to kick back and relax in your living room, a footstool could be exactly what you're looking for. Ottomans are also available, providing handy extra storage for books and magazines.

Alternatively, why not try a recliner chair or recliner sofa? You can tuck in your footrest to save on space. Manual recliners are less bulky and more cost effective, while power recliners are better at surviving wear and tear and do all the hard work for you: an effortless relaxation experience.


Materials are another important factor when picking a chair or couch.

Fabric is comfortable and breathable. Fabric sofas and chairs are available in a wide variety of textures and come in plain and patterned fabrics. A fantastic choice for modern retro or casual furnishing.

A leather sofa is more expensive than a fabric sofa but includes several worthwhile benefits. Corrected leathers are low maintenance, ideal for anyone with pets or children, while natural leathers ooze sophistication and look outstanding in modern and traditional style lounges alike.


Take care when choosing colours for your seating - it matters more than you might think, and your lifestyle can make all the difference!

Patterns and medium colours are fantastic for concealing stains, so a mid-grey or blue sofa is an ideal option if you've got mucky pups at home. Pet owners might prefer to match their settee to the colour of their pet's fur to save on cleaning.

If you like to switch styles, pick something versatile, like a neutral or grey sofa. Then you can use throws and scatters to change looks without breaking the bank.

If you mainly use the room for entertaining, use bold colours to make an impression. For a room you use often and like to relax in, use calming colours or neutrals you won't tire of seeing.


Finally, style is an absolute necessity when choosing the right seating for you.


Contemporary and modern retro sofas and chairs are all about shape. Dramatic angles dominate this category, resulting in design flairs like angled, track or key arms and tapering just about everywhere. Straight or sock arms are used to keep lines clean. Bright colours and geometric patterns complete the modern retro look, while a grey or cream sofa works brilliantly with a variety of contemporary colour schemes.


If you'd prefer something comfy, our casual sofas and chairs could be right up your street. Casual style maximises relaxation with features like deep seat cushions and fabric upholstery. Arms are often tailored for leisure, so you can check your phone, read, browse online or simply chill out in total comfort.


Nailhead trims, turned feet, button tufting and scroll arms are all hallmarks of traditional styling. A natural leather couch looks distinguished, but leather and fabric combinations are increasingly popular, adding a dash of colour and comfort.

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Fabric or leather, contemporary or traditional, there's plenty of choice at Furniture Barn. Shop sofas and chairs today.

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