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Gloucester is a casual-contemporary collection that uses hand selected premium oak and oak veneers with a superb matt oil finish. This range features a distinctive silver cup handle in a satin silver finish and hand woven water hyacinth baskets, that make this gorgeous range stand out from the rest. Gloucester is an excellent example of timeless oak furniture with a contemporary and very classy look.

Not all of our stores carry every range. If you wish to view a collection please phone 0800 464 0306 or email

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Products in this range

151cm(w) 114cm(h) 209cm(d)  
was £635 sale £399
165cm(w) 114cm(h) 221cm(d)  
was £745 sale £475
50cm(w) 65cm(h) 37cm(d)  
was £245 sale £155
100cm(w) 109.5cm(h) 42cm(d)  
was £595 sale £379
140cm(w) 86cm(h) 42cm(d)  
was £745 sale £475
80cm(w) 96.5cm(h) 42cm(d)  
was £559 sale £355
55cm(w) 129cm(h) 40cm(d)  
was £525 sale £335
120cm(w) 84.5cm(h) 46cm(d)  
was £375 sale £239
43cm(w) 48cm(h) 43cm(d)  
was £115 sale £74
120cm(w) 198cm(h) 57cm(d)  
was £1119 sale £715
160cm(w) 198cm(h) 57cm(d)  
was £1379 sale £879
104cm(w) 50cm(h) 50cm(d)  
was £375 sale £239

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