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What’s So Good About Reclaimed Wood?

For many years now, reclaimed wood has been used to create a number of things. It’s a material that is over time building an increasing presence within people’s homes – and for a number of good reasons!

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So What Exactly Is Reclaimed Wood?

For those of you who don’t know, reclaimed wood is wood that has been taken from an old structure, and reused for something else – be it wooden flooring or complete new reclaimed furnishings. So just what is so great about reclaimed wood and why do we love it?

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The Beauty Of Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Since it started being used, the primary use of reclaimed wood has been the creation of reclaimed furniture – we think rightly so. Creating reclaimed wood furniture is an art that presents beautiful results every time.

Having been previously used, all reclaimed wood furniture has a unique look and its very own story behind it. No two pieces are identical and they all have individual character. For this reason, we think that reclaimed wood is beautiful – we love the character it brings to a home. One of the greatest assets of reclaimed furniture is that it can blend in to suit any style in a home – contemporary or traditional.

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture Stunts the Issue of Diminishing Natural Resources

We live in a world with finite natural resources. By making reclaimed wood furniture from previously used timber, furniture companies are reducing the effect that furniture making has upon the environment.

Reclaimed wood is taken from a number of sources like old barns, warehouses, railway sleepers and even storage containers like wine barrels and beer casks. By using wood from these sources rather than live trees furniture makers are reducing the need to cut down new wood – helping to reduce the effects that the craft has on the environment.

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Reclaimed Wood Furniture Is Sturdier

Having been in some form of use for years before its use as furniture, reclaimed wood has been open to its surroundings, which normally means it has contracted and expanded numerous times, drying it out entirely and reducing the risk of warping and splitting.  

As well as this, reclaimed wood is usually much older than the young trees that are cut down for furniture production. This is great for the sturdiness of the reclaimed furniture pieces as the grain is generally much denser – making the wood less prone to cracking and chipping.

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A Huge Selection Of Reclaimed Wood Furniture For Sale

Furniture Barn stocks a huge selection of reclaimed wood furniture for sale, including reclaimed wardrobes, reclaimed tables, and even small furnishings like reclaimed wood mirrors. If you’re looking to bring this beautiful character-filled material into your home, look no further than Furniture Barn.

Discover our selection of reclaimed wood furniture for sale, or contact us with any questions – our brilliant customer service team will be happy to help.

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