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Compact Living - 8 Tips To Make The Most Of Small Spaces

Across the UK, living spaces are continuing to get smaller and smaller, but it’s still possible to achieve a good looking home regardless of size. In fact, compact and minimalist living is becoming more fashionable and on trend. Our top 8 recommendations are sure to keep smaller rooms feeling spacious and stylish.


1)      Extending dining tables

A smaller table is ideal for those of us living in small spaces with few people, but it can be restricting if you’re planning dinner parties or having guests round. An extending dining table is perfect for both these situations, as it can be compactly folded down or extended to suit the space and people required. We also offer compact living room furniture, too.

/live/blogs/extending 1.jpg/live/blogs/extending 2.jpg

2)      Compact versions of our standard pieces

If some of our pieces are a little too big for you, then rest assured; a lot of our pieces have compact versions that are almost identical, just a little smaller than the standard size. Mix and match ranges such as the bestselling Winchester and Salisbury collections, the latter being a compact version of the former.

/live/blogs/winchester lamp.jpg/live/blogs/salisbury lamp.jpg

3)      Guest beds & sofa beds

Another great tip for those planning for guests to stay the night, a guest bed can stand at a humble 3’0 when not in use and extend to an impressive 6’0 when necessary. This way, you needn’t concern yourself with purchasing a double or a king bed for the occasional guest or two. Or if you don’t have a guest room to spare, we also stock a variety of sofa beds to ensure those sleeping in the living room get a good night’s sleep.

 /live/blogs/guest bed 1.jpg/live/blogs/guest bed 2.jpg

4)      Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way of creating the illusion of a bigger space. Not only that, but it is also a great way of lightening up a room, making it feel more open and less enclosed. The shape of a mirror can also make a great statement piece, so it’s always worth experimenting with different styles.

/live/blogs/mirror 1.jpg  /live/blogs/mirror 2.jpg

5)      Nests of tables

Similarly to extending tables, nests of tables are a great space saving option. Functioning as a lamp table, side table, coffee table or whatever else you could need, these little tables discreetly pack away when they’re not needed.

/live/blogs/nest 1.jpg/live/blogs/nest 2.jpg

6)      Ottomans

If you’re running low on storage space, an ottoman footstool doubles as both a comfy place to perch your feet and somewhere to place your magazines, books, DVD’s and anything else you need.

/live/blogs/ottoman.jpg/live/blogs/ottoman 1.jpg

7)      Unconventional storage

It’s always worth thinking outside the box when it comes to finding a solution to space shortage. For instance, instead of buying dining chairs, why not invest in one of our monk benches with built in baskets or drawers? Also, some of our coffee tables feature drawers or magazine racks, so next time you’re buying, keep an eye out for additional storage features.

/live/blogs/winchester monk bench.jpg/live/blogs/jacob coffee.jpg

8)      Shelving

Of course, the best option for freeing up store space without keeping your things hidden away is shelving. Whether it’s a bookshelf, DVD/CD tower or a shelving unit, we have a number of options for your keepsakes and prized possessions to be on display instead of being hidden away or forgotten about in a drawer.



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