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Coffee Tables

Plenty of things cross your poor coffee table, from gossip with friends to felt tip pens to spilled beverages – so choose something that can tackle the everyday with good looks worth bragging about.

Hopefully our useful guide can help you work out which product will do the job right.

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92.5cm(w) 45cm(h) 60cm(d)  
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90cm(w) 46cm(h) 55cm(d)  
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95cm(w) 47cm(h) 63cm(d)  
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110cm(w) 50cm(h) 60cm(d)  
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90cm(w) 47cm(h) 55cm(d)  
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90cm(w) 47cm(h) 55cm(d)  
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110cm(w) 50cm(h) 70cm(d)  
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110cm(w) 45cm(h) 70cm(d)  
was £355 sale £319 now £299
102cm(w) 50cm(h) 65cm(d)  
was £439 sale £359 now £335
110cm(w) 45cm(h) 70cm(d)  
now £399
110cm(w) 40cm(h) 70cm(d)  
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120cm(w) 50cm(h) 70cm(d)  
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110cm(w) 50cm(h) 70cm(d)  
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110cm(w) 50cm(h) 70cm(d)  
was £425 sale £309 now £289
90cm(w) 45cm(h) 60cm(d)  
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110cm(w) 45cm(h) 70cm(d)  
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110cm(w) 45cm(h) 70cm(d)  
was £495 sale £379 now £355
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95cm(w) 47cm(h) 63cm(d)  
was £295 sale £219 now £205
95cm(w) 45cm(h) 65cm(d)  
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92.5cm(w) 45cm(h) 60cm(d)  
was £389 sale £285 now £265
90cm(w) 50cm(h) 60cm(d)  
was £349 sale £255 now £235
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90cm(w) 48cm(h) 60cm(d)  
was £399 sale £305 now £285
110cm(w) 45.5cm(h) 70cm(d)  
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85cm(w) 45cm(h) 55cm(d)  
was £319 sale £255 now £239
100cm(w) 48cm(h) 50cm(d)  
was £339 sale £215 now £199
120cm(w) 34cm(h) 70cm(l)  
was £425 sale £335 now £315
120cm(w) 40cm(h) 60cm(l)  
was £495 sale £389 now £365
42cm(h) 90cm(dia)  
was £425 sale £335 now £315

There are plenty of things to think about when selecting a new coffee table.  We’ve laid all of these out below.

Material and finish

If you’re looking to make a big impression, the Rockhampton’s concrete top and acacia X-base has a modern, industrial style, while the Phoenix’s grey marble top and polished stainless steel base deliver on cool sophistication.

For something a bit more homely, a wood coffee table might be more up your street.

  • You’ll likely find an oak coffee table in a pale to honey colour, brilliant for making rooms feel lighter, warmer and airier.  Oak’s woodgrain and character are brought out splendidly by a clear lacquer finish.  Oak veneers are also available, which make a table stronger and less prone to splitting.
  • Pine, on the other hand, is a fantastic wood for staining, so a pine coffee table looks brilliant in all sorts of colour finishes.  It’s also a light wood, making it easier to move around when necessary.
  • Alternatively, a painted coffee table has lots of contemporary appeal.  Choose a grey, green, cream or white coffee table from our fabulous collection.
  • Finally, reclaimed wood is hardwearing and eco-friendly with plenty of history and character.


Your coffee table is the focal point of your lounge, and it needs to be in the right proportions so it doesn’t look odd or cause inconvenience.  The last thing you want is for guests to be bashing their knees when they stand up, or edging along sideways between the table and the couch just to fetch a drink from the kitchen.  They shouldn’t have to strain to reach their cup of tea, either!

That’s why it’s important to pick the right size coffee table for your living room.  A coffee table should be about the same height, two thirds the width, and a foot and a half away from your sofas and chairs.

Needless to say, then, that if your lounge is a cosy size and your sofas are small and packed together, one of our small coffee tables will be more suitable.  A large coffee table will fare better in a bigger room with bigger sofas, and if the seat of your sofa is quite low, a low coffee table will likely be the way to go.


How much does your coffee table need to carry?  If you’re just looking for a place to rest your mug, no storage at all is a simple, minimalist option – perfect for the family dog to sleep under!

If you’d prefer a reclaimed, pine or oak coffee table with storage, however, there are a couple of different options available.

  • A shelf or magazine rack is useful for keeping books and newspapers.  This way, your items are easily accessible and on display, so friends can see what you’re reading.
  • For safer, tidier or more private storage – perhaps for electronics or keeping clutter out of sight – a coffee table with drawers may be more your thing.
  • If you’re hoping for the best of both worlds, the Jacob pine coffee table with drawers features both drawers and a shelf.


If you do go for something with drawers, be aware that different styles of drawer handle will help achieve different looks.

  • You’re most likely to see cup handles on a contemporary style table, particularly painted wood coffee tables like the Suffolk and Chalcot.
  • Drawer knobs are ideal for creating a more modern and minimalist look.  They can also be used to balance a piece of furniture which has lots of texture and character already – like the Halstein with its varying wood tones or the Ledbury with its elaborate legs and edge profile.
  • You might prefer drop pull or bail pull handles.  These look great on traditional models but suit some contemporary styles, too.  Often found in an antique finish, these handles bring a bit of decorative charm to any oak coffee table with drawers, especially one with a clear lacquer finish.  See the Vintage for an example of drop pull handles.
  • Finally, the Oxford boasts clean, simple bow handles, ideal for modern furniture.  D handles and bar handles create a similar straightforward look.


Last but not least, there are plenty of different woodworking features that give each coffee table its unique style.

  • The Winchester’s chunky square leg profile and breadboard ends and the Jacob monastery coffee table’s X-frame farmhouse twin pedestal base give these tables their robust, rustic charm.
  • The Bromley’s square edge and exposed tenon joints offer clean, sharp angles.
  • The Carolina’s narrow turned legs, curved stretchers and intricate edge profile make it an elegant addition to your lounge.

Shop coffee tables

Hopefully, we’ve told you everything you need to know to make the right purchase.  Explore our coffee tables and find the best new home for your coasters.

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