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Lamp Tables

A lamp table, end table or side table is the ideal small surface for a cup of coffee or your latest read.  Use our guide to figure out which lamp table will light up your home.

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We’ve covered every aspect of lamp tables below so you can work out exactly what you’re looking for.

Materials and finishes

First of all, which material would you prefer?  A wooden lamp table is a popular choice because it includes such a wide range of colours, grains and finishes.


pine lamp table can often be found in darker or more unusual finishes, since pine is a fantastic wood for staining.  Although its woodgrain isn’t as appealing as oak’s, a pine side table is lighter than an oak side table and generally cheaper, too.


Oak is available in a lacquered, limed or oiled finish.  A clear lacquer brings out the warm colour and woodgrain of the oak, while limed oak has a white-washed look.  An oiled oak lamp table may have a slightly darker finish to a lacquered alternative.


If lacquers and oils aren’t your thing, painted options are ideal for contemporary décor, especially in a versatile colour like white or grey.

More unusual materials

For something more unusual, concrete, marble and glass tables add a dash of drama and ultra-modernity to any lounge.


Next, are you interested in end tables with storage or without?

  • If you want somewhere to store a few books or magazines – or even just a pair of slippers – a lamp table with a shelf may be a good choice.
  • Alternatively, a drawer is a useful place to keep clutter and valuables out of sight.
  • If your lamp table is literally just for lamps (and maybe the odd cup of tea), you might prefer a simpler design with no storage at all.


Size is also an important factor, depending on what you’re hoping to keep on the table top.

A small side table is the perfect size for your phone and a cuppa, but if you want to keep more at your fingertips, such as a table lamp, newspaper or tablet, you might need something a bit larger.

Drawer handles

Since the drawer handles on a lamp table can seriously alter its look, it’s worth knowing which kind will match your chosen style.

  • Bail pull handles and drop pull handles look lovely on both traditional and contemporary furniture.  The antique metal on the Salisbury matches the golden colour of the oak brilliantly.
  • You’re more likely to find silver or dark handles on contemporary or modern furniture.  Cup handles are a common sight on contemporary end tables like the Hockley.
  • Drawer knobs are useful for toning down furniture with lots of other features.  For example, the Carolina already has turned legs, curved stretchers and a cove edge profile, so a drawer knob is perfect as a modest finishing touch.
  • Then there are modern designs like D handles, bar handles and bow handles.  The Oxford has bow handles for a clean and straightforward appearance.


Craftsmanship gives a lamp table its identity.  Here are a few features worth looking for while you peruse.

  • Stretchers tie the legs of a chair together, both literally and visually.  As such, they provide a nice bit of extra detail and even help strengthen the table as a whole.
  • An apron also strengthens the table, connecting the underside of the table top to the legs to offer additional support.  It makes the table look more robust, too.
  • A sound bit of woodwork can also give a table more dimension.  The Bromley’s flat panel sides and exposed tenon joints provide plenty of extra shape and depth.
  • Finally, if you’re hoping for a farmhouse style living room, a table top with breadboard ends will help you achieve the look.


Legs can make a difference to the style of your side table, as well.

  • For example, the Shackleton’s angled and tapered legs are a popular choice for Scandi style furnishing.
  • Square legs are more traditional but their thickness can have a big impact on the overall appearance of the table.  Chunky square legs look fantastic on more rustic pieces and suit farmhouse style furnishing, while narrow square legs have the opposite effect, helping a piece like the Desire to look more delicate.
  • The Chalcot’s tapered legs really slim the design down, ideal for contemporary style end tables.  Turned legs are also a contemporary feature – beautiful with classic charm.

If you want, ditch legs altogether – the Carolina round side table’s 3 point pedestal base knows how to make an impression, its small limed oak top and slender column completing its elegant look.

Edge profiles

We may not give them much thought when we’re looking for furniture, but edge profiles can have a lot of influence over the lamp table we choose – not least because they can completely change its style.

  • To achieve a modern retro look, for example, try a reverse bevel edge like the Swinton’s or rounded edges like the Ellie’s.
  • A roundover edge like the Winchester’s is more child-friendly with its blunter corners, and gives the illusion that the table is chunkier than it is.  Great for that rustic look.
  • Bevelled, cove and ogee edges are much more elaborate, perfect for contemporary and classic styles alike.
  • Alternatively, keep things simple and modern with an eased or square edge profile.

Shop lamp tables

Our huge range is bound to have something that takes your fancy.  Browse our lamp tables and find the perfect fit for your living room.

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