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For that extra bit of storage space, cupboards can’t be beaten.  Allow us help you find the perfect cupboard for your requirements.

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55cm(w) 120cm(h) 40cm(d)  
was £1125 sale £775
from £17.52 per month*
140cm(w) 214cm(h) 45cm(d)  
was £3445 sale £2375
from £53.69 per month*
170cm(w) 120cm(h) 45cm(d)  
was £2699 sale £1859
from £42.02 per month*
100cm(w) 200cm(h) 45cm(d)  
was £2699 sale £1859
from £42.02 per month*
96cm(w) 195cm(h) 42cm(d)  
was £1945 sale £1339
from £30.27 per month*
110cm(w) 200cm(h) 45cm(d)  
was £2699 sale £1859
from £42.02 per month*
100cm(w) 200cm(h) 42cm(d)  
was £2699 sale £1859
from £42.02 per month*
110cm(w) 160cm(h) 42cm(d)  
was £1499 sale £1029
from £23.26 per month*
80cm(w) 80cm(h) 38cm(d)  
was £385 sale £249
100cm(w) 119.7cm(h) 45cm(d)  
was £749 sale £589
from £13.32 per month*
80cm(w) 160cm(h) 40cm(d)  
was £419 sale £329
78cm(w) 80cm(h) 37cm(d)  
was £345 sale £229
70cm(w) 75cm(h) 35cm(d)  
was £435 sale £275

Our guide below outlines everything you could ever want to know about choosing a cupboard.

Size and shape

Size is an obvious factor when thinking about any piece of furniture intended for storage.

A small cupboard is perfect if you’re struggling for space, particularly a 1 door or single cupboard like the Desire.  If you’d prefer a roomier solution, try a 2 door option instead.

Don’t forget about corner cupboards if you’re trying to save space.  A corner cupboard is shaped to fit perfectly into a corner, ensuring no floorspace is wasted.


Our wooden cupboard selection come in a range of materials and finishes, so you can pick the best look for your existing furnishings.


For a contemporary farmhouse look, you can’t beat a painted cupboard with an oak top.  Our Hockley is a perfect example of this style of cupboard.


Oak cupboards are better suited to more rustic décor and most often seen in a clear lacquer finish.  The colour and beautiful woodgrain are brought out by the lacquer, giving the oak a warm appearance.


Pine cupboards are a smart choice if you’d like a darker or uncommon finish, since pine can be stained in a range of colours.  Pine cabinets are just as strong as oak cabinets but less weighty.  The only drawback is that their woodgrain isn’t as remarkable.

Reclaimed wood

The most eco-friendly option is reclaimed wood.  Being older wood, it is extremely sturdy and less likely to split.


Be aware that the colours you choose for your furniture can have a huge effect on the overall look of your room.

If your room is large, has high ceilings or feels cold or empty, darker wood finishes and colours will make the space seem cosier, smaller and more welcoming.

Use light wood finishes and colours to open up a cramped or shadowy room.


Next, which door handles would you prefer?

  • D, bow and bar handles are seen on modern designs and tend to be found in sleek, modern colours like black and silver.
  • Door knobs are simpler and a common sight on both rustic and contemporary designs.  Rustic style cupboards like the Salisbury corner cupboard are more likely to have door knobs in an antique metal while contemporary furniture may have antique, silver or black door knobs.
  • A Scandi or modern retro style cupboard might feature recessed handles.


Different woodworking features convey different styles, so be sure you’re getting the right look for your home before buying.  Some examples of woodworking features are included here.

  • Breadboard ends like the Winchester mini cupboard’s are most often seen on rustic and farmhouse style tops.
  • A rustic style cupboard might also feature panelled sides to give it extra definition.
  • Panelling also makes doors look less plain.  Some contemporary styles may include raised or tongue and groove panels for decoration.


Leg choice also matters.  Chunky square leg profiles are favoured by rustic and some contemporary designs.  Narrower legs are also an option, taking weight and width off the cupboard to make it look more delicate and help to conserve space.

What about plinths?

A plinth is good for Scandi, modern and modern retro styles since it gives your cupboard a squarer, simpler shape.

Edge profiles

Finally, edge profiles are the finishing touch on your cupboard.  There are plenty of edge profiles out there, but here are the ones you’ll most likely see in our selection.

  • Rustic storage cupboards may have a roundover edge profile, which adds to the chunky appearance of the furniture.
  • Contemporary cupboards can also come with roundover edges but sometimes have more intricate designs like cove or ogee edge profiles instead.
  • Modern and modern retro designs often feature a square edge, but there are some exceptions.  For example, the Desire 2 door cupboard includes a reverse bevel edge, giving the cupboard additional shape.

Shop cupboards

With any luck, you now have some idea of which cupboard will be best for your home.  Browse our cupboards today for your next storage solution.

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