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Office Chairs

Your old desk chair is falling apart.  You want something new, something comfortable and professional that looks great with the rest of your study.  Furniture Barn may be able to help with that.  Use our guide to decide which of our office chairs will work for you.

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Why choose wood over a plastic or metal alternative?  A wooden office chair is not only a lot more comfortable than you might think, it’s also fixed into place in the optimum position for good posture.  Because you can’t mess with the backrest – and neither can anyone else – you can’t accidentally position the chair in a way that will do you more harm than good.

Secondly, wood is a natural material, much more inviting than plastic, which can be a bit of an eyesore.  As such, a wooden desk chair blends well with both traditional and contemporary office furnishings.  Now your office can match the rest of your house, rather than being the odd room out.

A wooden swivel chair also provides more stylish colour options thanks to stunning wood finishes and neutral fabric upholstery.  Gone are the days of choosing between plain black, bright royal blue and garish turquoise!

Reclaimed timbers

Our Chelsea, Chalcot and Rockwell are all built using reclaimed timbers, making them more eco-friendly than a standard wooden chair, let alone a plastic one destined for landfill!

Not only are you doing right by the environment, but a reclaimed wood office chair is extremely resilient.  Wood naturally expands and contracts due to moisture in the air, which can cause it to split.  Since old wood has been doing this process for longer, it is less likely to split, having done most of its moving already.

Finally, reclaimed wood had a previous life, so each piece has its own unique history – ideal for anyone who likes furniture with character.


Different colours and finishes can change the feel of your whole office.  Since you need the create the optimum environment for your workflow, it’s wise to think about what colours will make your office as comfortable for you as possible.

If you value a sunny, bright space to wake you up in the morning, the Chelsea might be the work partner for you.  Its summer hay finish is light and warm, great for brushing away those mental cobwebs and turning your work area into a welcoming space.  Light colours also open up rooms and make them feel brighter and larger, brilliant if your office is a bit pokey or dark.

Some people like a dark, comfy den where they can focus properly and lose themselves for hours.  If that sounds like you, the Rockwell wooden swivel office chair may be more your style.  Darker colours can make an office feel smaller and comfier, so they are ideal for making a large, stark office look less empty or for creating a cosy cocoon of concentration.

Finally, the Chalcot is perfect for a study in a contemporary farmhouse style.  This sundried ash and white wood desk chair even has a distressed painted base for a worn and homely feel.

Design features

A wooden office chair has more room for detail than plastic alternatives, such as fluting and reeding, providing flair as well as texture.  The Chelsea, Chalcot and Rockwell all have large turned pedestal bases that are both strong and beautifully shaped.

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Now you’ve seen the good points, explore our wooden desk chair options and find your perfect study companion.


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