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Dining Chairs

A good set of dining chairs should suit your style while ensuring friends and family feel welcome at your dinner table.

Our magnificent selection includes chairs to suit all sorts of different looks.  Why not read our guide and see what we can do for your dining room?

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We’ve put together some useful pointers to help you choose the perfect dining room chairs for your home.


The style of your chairs can transform the look of your kitchen or dining room.  Legs, backs and materials all help to define a style.

  • Metal dining chairs with leather upholstery and cantilever bases create a modern retro look.  The Antonio chair is a brilliant example of this style.
  • Angled and tapered legs like those of the Shackleton are a common feature of Scandi style contemporary living.
  • Chunky square leg profiles and natural oak finishes have a more rustic feel.  Our Winchester range features chairs in slatback, ladder back and cross back designs, with padded seats and without – all ideal for a taste of country living.
  • Cross back wooden dining chairs like the Ledbury cross back look beautiful in a contemporary farmhouse style kitchen, especially in a white painted or limewashed finish.


Materials have unique strengths that can make all the difference to your choice.

  • Pine dining chairs are light and cheap and often come in a range of colours because they are perfect for staining.
  • Oak dining chairs are heavier and sturdier with a stunning colour and woodgrain.
  • Ash and metal chairs can be bent into interesting designs, so they can be used to make features like cantilever bases and rounded backrests.


Another important thing to consider is whether you would like your dining room chairs to be upholstered.  Below we’ve listed the advantages of both upholstered and wooden chairs.

Upholstered chairs

Upholstered dining chairs make comfort a priority, featuring either a padded seat or a fully upholstered seat and back.  The seat and back may also include additional styling, such as button tufting.

Fully upholstered chairs are generally seen as more formal than chairs with upholstered seats and immediately make an impression with guests.

  • Fabric dining chairs are a comfy and cost effective option.  They look more casual than leather alternatives, making them great for creating a warm and homely environment.
  • Leather dining chairs are extremely popular for their effortlessly sophisticated appearance.  They are often lower maintenance, too – simply wipe them over with a cloth to get rid of crumbs.  Leather chairs do come at a higher price point, but their style and convenience makes them worth every penny.
  • For the best of both worlds, PU or leather look dining chairs are easy to clean and great on a budget.

Wooden seats

Wooden seats are brilliant for a more rustic style kitchen and are deceptively comfortable.  They also tend to be slightly cheaper than upholstered alternatives.  As they are made from wood, these designs can also be easily cleaned, and finishes like wax or oil help to repel water, providing protection against spills.


Finally, colour is a big factor when choosing dining room chairs.

  • For something more versatile, it’s hard to go wrong with black dining chairs because they suit most colour schemes and look super sleek to boot.
  • White dining chairs look chic in any contemporary setting and work well with most colour schemes.  The same goes for grey and cream dining chairs.
  • The Erica and Freya come in brighter colours like orange and green.  Dramatic colours create lots of interest and make dinner unforgettable for guests.

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Now you’ve seen what we have to offer, why not explore our collection and find the ideal accompaniment to your dining table?