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Clothes look so good in our fabulous wardrobes you’ll be reluctant to take them off the hanger.  But which wardrobe is the best fit for you?

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109cm(w) 196cm(h) 58cm(d)  
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160cm(w) 198cm(h) 57cm(d)  
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108cm(w) 193.3cm(h) 58cm(d)  
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163.1cm(w) 191cm(h) 59.6cm(d)  
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107cm(w) 198cm(h) 57cm(d)  
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95cm(w) 185cm(h) 54.5cm(d)  
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120cm(w) 198cm(h) 57cm(d)  
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133cm(w) 183cm(h) 52cm(d)  
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What is there to consider when selecting your ideal wardrobe?


Wardrobes are a style essential, but they’re still a big piece of furniture to factor into your bedroom layout.  Not only do you need room for the wardrobe, but space to open the doors, too.

  • A single wardrobe is ideal for compact living because it’s narrow enough to fit in a corner or small room.
  • If a single won’t provide you with enough storage, step up to a double wardrobe, which has plenty of room for your clothes but isn’t too hard to squeeze into a regular size bedroom.
  • If you’ve got more than enough space – and more than enough clothes – a 3 door wardrobe will house your smarts and casuals with ease.

Doors or drawers

Space also comes into play when considering drawers for your wardrobe.  Often wardrobe drawers get used for items like socks, underwear or casual clothes that aren’t worth hanging.  As such, a well-chosen wardrobe with drawers can mean not having to clog up your room with a chest of drawers or an extra bedside.  Gents wardrobes are designed with this in mind, so all your clothes can be kept in one place.

However, drawers do take up space at the bottom of your wardrobe, preventing items like dresses and full length coats from hanging properly.  If items like these are more your style, a full hanging robe or all hanging robe may be the best solution for keeping your clothes looking their best.

If you want to include even more functions, a wardrobe with a mirror means you don’t have to take up wall or floor space with a wall mirror or cheval mirror.


When it comes to materials, our wooden wardrobe collection includes oak, pine and reclaimed options to suit a variety of tastes.


A solid oak wardrobe is heavy and sturdy.  A clear lacquer finish blends well with most furnishings and showcases the woodgrain and natural characteristics of the oak, including knots, tiger stripes and growth rings.


A pine wardrobe is a light wood with a naturally yellow finish, but can be stained in different colours to suit your look.

Reclaimed wood

A reclaimed wardrobe is environmentally friendly without compromising on style, and is ideal for anyone who likes furniture with some history behind it.


Since wardrobes are generally quite big, a bit of extra detail gives them a sense of depth, texture and style for a more interesting appearance.

Panelling is a popular feature, with panelled doors being especially common.  Standard designs feature 1 panel doors like the Salisbury triple wardrobe, or 2 panel doors, as seen on the Kingsley.  However, some wardrobes have more, such as the Chalcot large double wardrobe

Many wardrobes use square panels, but designs like the Keyston triple wardrobe with mirror include cathedral arched panels for a little extra flair.

Flat panels seem more modest, while raised panels like the Farnborough’s are common in contemporary ranges since they look more elaborate.

You can also choose between wardrobes with legs and wardrobes with plinths.  A plinth can look especially good on modern designs like the Carolina, since it gives the wardrobe a cleaner and more “solid” shape.


This may surprise you, but handles have the power to transform your wardrobe completely.

  • Door knobs are a common choice for wardrobe doors, being simple but elegant.
  • Drop handles make furniture look more ornate, as with the Farnborough’s swan neck drawer handles.
  • The antique metal bail pull drawer handles on our Winchester range look incredible in both contemporary and more traditional homes.
  • Finally, cup handles look fantastic with contemporary furniture, complementing this Chalcot painted white wardrobe beautifully.

Shop wardrobes

That’s it for our wardrobe guide.  Shop wardrobes today to find the best option for you.

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