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Bed Frames

Bed frames are more than a place to put your mattress.  They’re the starting point for choosing the rest of your bedroom furniture – after all, it wouldn’t be a bedroom at all without a bed.  Below, we’ll take you through some key features to look out for when selecting a frame.

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150cm(w) 115cm(h) 206cm(l)  
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165cm(w) 115cm(h) 217cm(l)  
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162.2cm(w) 105cm(h) 220cm(d)  
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150cm(w) 115cm(h) 200.5cm(d)  
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158cm(w) 136.5cm(h) 228.5cm(d)  
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148.6cm(w) 120cm(h) 206cm(d)  
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195cm(w) 114cm(h) 217cm(d)  
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134cm(w) 115cm(h) 202.5cm(d)  
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166cm(w) 114cm(h) 210cm(l)  
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195cm(w) 105cm(h) 214cm(l)  
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105cm(w) 107cm(h) 201cm(l)  
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159cm(w) 97cm(h) 210cm(d)  
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Since bedrooms are a private domain, bed frames are extremely personal purchases, which is all the more reason to make the right choice.  So, how can you tell which bed frame is for you?


Materials are a useful starting point.  Metal frames may be more ornate, but wooden bed frames often have a warmer look to them, especially when finished in a clear lacquer which shows off the grain and colour of the wood.  Alternatively, a wooden bed can be stained to give a darker or richer colour.

Oak frames

An oak bed frame looks magnificent in a clear finish and has a stunning woodgrain.  Oak is a heavy and sturdy wood that is a popular choice for both rustic and modern style bedrooms.

Pine frames

Pine is simple to stain in a variety of attractive colours, so you can find pine bed frames in natural or darker finishes.  It’s a common choice for painted furniture, too, since its woodgrain isn’t as varied as oak’s.  Pine is light and great value for money, but don’t let that fool you – it’s still extremely robust and a sound choice for furniture making, hence why it’s such a common find in the industry.

Reclaimed frames

For eco-friendly customers, a reclaimed bed frame is a brilliant choice.  Reclaimed frames are full of character, extremely resilient and good for the environment.  Since reclaimed wood is older, it’s had more time to expand and contract over its lifetime, meaning it’s less likely to split or crack than newer woods.

Painted frames

Painted frames are also popular.  A white bed frame, cream bed frame or pale grey bed frame can work well in a contemporary style room.  A white wooden bed frame like the Chalcot is particularly versatile, blending well with almost any colour scheme.


Bed frames are one of the biggest pieces of furniture in the bedroom, so their wood finish or paint colour can have a huge impact on the feel of the room as a whole.  While a lighter paint or wood can make the room seem lighter and more spacious, a darker wood or paint can make it feel cosier and less empty.  It all depends on the look you want to create and the space you’ve got to work with.


The style of your bed frame also alters the look of the room.

  • A rustic style bed frame will generally include slatted headboards and footboards and often comes in a natural oak finish.
  • Tapered feet and panelling are suited to contemporary styling, making a frame look more elegant.  Contemporary frames are more likely to come in either a dark or painted finish, so many are made with pine.
  • Some of our frames have upholstered headboards for a softer appearance, such as the Sambre, with its beautiful cream button back design.  Brilliant for a rustic or contemporary style.
  • Scandi or modern retro styling may include angled or round tapered legs.
  • Sleigh bed frames have plenty of presence and are well-suited to larger bedrooms, appearing grander and more imposing than divans or other styles of bed frame.


Last but not least, size is a factor!  Furniture Barn supply bed frames in single, double, king and super king sizes.  Single frames sleep one and are great for small bedrooms and children’s rooms.  Doubles have enough room for two.  A king or super king bed is brilliant for filling a spacious bedroom and allow couples to spread out more.

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Browse our bed frames and sleep easy knowing you’ve made the right choice.

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