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Filing Cabinets

A filing cabinet is just the ticket for storing files and folders safely and privately.  Riffle through our collection today to find the best option for you.

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Why a filing cabinet?

Why choose a filing cabinet over other storage methods?  Because a filing cabinet is built for the job.  Its deep drawers are specifically designed to hold A4 sheets and are reinforced to withstand the weight of all that paper.  In addition, filing cabinets generally have drawer runners, making it easy to pull those heavy hard copies out of the cabinet carcass.

Why wood?

While metal cabinets can look out of place at home, a wooden file cabinet feels “warmer” and in keeping with the rest of the house, so your study feels more like your own space and less like you’ve brought the office home with you.


So, how to choose?  Firstly, make sure you choose a filing cabinet that meets your needs when it comes to storage.  A 3 drawer wood filing cabinet can contain more but will probably have to be placed alongside other furniture, taking up more floor space.

On the other hand, a 2 drawer wood file cabinet can potentially be squeezed under a desk or placed out of the way, but won’t be able to hold as many files and folders.


The colours you pick for your office can really alter the atmosphere.  A good starting point is to consider the shape of your study and whether it gets much light.  A dark wood filing cabinet can help make a room seem smaller and cosier, a good choice if your study is large and seems quite empty.  A lighter coloured option like the Chelsea 3 drawer wood file cabinet will have the opposite effect, making a cramped or dingy office seem airier and brighter.

Colours also influence the way you work, so try to pick a scheme that work with you rather than against you.  For example, if you like to shut yourself off in a dark room to concentrate, darker furniture will help to give you that comfy cocoon environment.  If you’re the type who needs help waking up in the mornings, pick furniture that’s lighter so you’re ready to face the day.

If you’re not sure about your colour scheme, a white wood file cabinet like the Chalcot will complement plenty of other colours, making it a safe bet.


Next, think about drawer handles.  A common style of handle for a contemporary wood filing cabinet is a cup handle, which suits painted styles and darker wood finishes.

Alternatively, more detailed handles can make a filing cabinet look more ornate, as with the Rockwell 3 drawer wood file cabinet which features shell pull handles.

Drawer runners

Drawer runners can make all the difference to wood file drawers, since they change the way the drawers feel to open and close.

Wooden drawer runners are a classic choice.  It’s a true test of craftsmanship to make well-fitted versions, plus they’re more pleasing to the eye than metal runners.   The trade-off is that they can stick in humid weather and can’t be fully extended.  Side-mount and centre-mount slides are the most common varieties of wooden runner.

Metal runners are more common these days.  They don’t look as nice on wooden filing drawers, but they’ve brought about new sliding mechanisms that offer a smoother experience.  Metal runners come in side-mount, centre-mount and undermount varieties, but a good choice for filing cabinets is the side-mount ball-bearing slide.  Affordable and hardwearing, these slides can have an extra-heavy load capacity that’s more than able to support the weight of your files.  Because they’re attached to the sides of the drawers, however, the downside is that they are visible.


Filing cabinets are quite boxy as furniture goes, but a wood file cabinet can be made more interesting with the right joinery and decoration.  For example, the Claverton pine filing cabinet is enhanced by breadboard ends and the Rockwell range includes panelled drawer fronts for extra definition.

The edge profile on a cabinet can also help define its style.  A contemporary filing cabinet may use a cove or ogee edge profile for a more classic look.

Finally, choose between legs and a plinth.  Legs will make a filing cabinet look less weighty, while plinths give your filing cabinet a squarer and more “solid” shape.

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Now you’ve filed away our advice, see which filing cabinet will suit your office.

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