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Office Furniture

Concentration requires surroundings that are just right. To achieve this, your home office furniture has to be absolutely perfect. Luckily, Furniture Barn have a whole host of products to match your vision. Take the tour of our office furniture below.

Furniture Barn supply desks, bookcases, filing cabinets and office chairs in a range of different styles and finishes. Our useful guide contains our recipe for the ultimate study environment.


Your desk should be smart and put you in the right mood to work. Not only should it have the right style, it also needs to meet your needs, with storage, cupboards and shelves organised for your personal convenience. Often the rest of your study furniture is matched to this one key item.

If you're looking for executive office furniture, a commanding and spacious double pedestal desk will make an excellent impression. A corner desk saves space by fitting perfectly in the corner of the room. A laptop desk is perfect for kitting out a small study or teenager's room. If it's computer furniture you require, a computer desk is tailored to suit a PC.

Extra features are the difference between a good desk and a great desk. Hidden shelves offer additional desk space, while keyboard trays and cable holes make computing convenient. Filing is a smoother experience with filing drawers, while mini-drawers are great for storing stationery.


Some of us can't get enough of new books, so the right size bookcase is important. A valuable item for any home, you can place your bookcase with the rest of your office furniture or keep it just about anywhere else in the house.

A low or little bookcase provides an accessible top surface and is the perfect size for a child's room. Tall options are roomy, while narrow alternatives still offer plenty of space for books and DVDs without taking up too much floorspace. Want something a bit different? Look no further than a dinghy bookcase, with its beautiful and novel boat shape.

Some of our bookcases provide storage for more than just books, incorporating cupboards, drawers, baskets and even wine racks. Ideal if you want something multifunctional.

Filing cabinets

Filing cabinets keep our documents neat, safe and away from prying eyes. Plus their deep drawers are built to take the weight of all that paper.

Office chairs

If you can't get comfortable, you aren't going to work well, which is why your office chair may well be the most important piece of office furniture you'll ever own. A chair that is both stylish and comfy is best.

Style and materials

Our study furniture comes in a selection of styles and materials to ensure you achieve your best possible work environment.

Pine office furniture can be stained a darker colour for a more traditional and executive feel, while oak office furniture with a clear finish can brighten and open up a room and is well-suited to rustic or modern style furnishings. Painted options look fantastic in contemporary style studies.

If you'd like a uniform look for your office, our home office furniture sets provide everything you need in matching styles and finishes.

Shop office furniture

Our office furniture means business, so explore our ranges and find a style that works for you.

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