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Blanket Boxes

Generally positioned at the foot of the bed, the blanket box is an often forgotten member of the bedroom furniture family but is just the ticket for toy, pillow, cushion and blanket storage.

Below we explain all the features to look out for when exploring our selection.

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Spoilt for choice?  Hopefully our guide will help you find the look you’re after.


Our products come in various kinds of wood.  Different woods can be used to create different looks.

There are practical considerations when it comes to materials, too.  For example, a wooden blanket box may come with a slow close lid for safety, but the weight of your chosen wood can also help protect little fingers and thumbs – as well as grown-up ones!


pine blanket box will be easier to open because pine is a lighter wood, making it good choice for children’s rooms.  Pine is especially good for staining to darker, richer and more interesting finishes.


If you’d rather have something extra sturdy, an oak blanket box like the Kingsley will be heavier and even more robust than pine.  Oak will often feature a clear lacquer, oiled or waxed finish, showcasing the natural beauty of the woodgrain.

Reclaimed wood

Reclaimed wood is a resilient and eco-friendly option with plenty of character.  If you like furniture with history, it’s a brilliant choice.  The Halstein is a fine example of a reclaimed blanket box.


Which finish will best match your existing décor?

  • painted box is well-suited to contemporary style furnishing.  A grey or white blanket box blends especially well with most colour schemes. The Chalcot reclaimed white wooden blanket box is a fantastic example of contemporary style painted furniture.
  • Lacquered, waxed, oiled or stained wooden blanket boxes are also versatile across colour schemes but should ideally match other wood finishes in the room.  The natural oil finish of the Barwick gives it an attractive, understated colour, while the Keyston’s antique wax finish brings out the yellow of the pine.


Blanket boxes would look pretty dull without some expert craftsmanship to give them their own style and identity.  Here are the main features you’re likely to notice in our selection.


A great way to “break up” the sides of a blanket box is panelling.

  • Raised panels look more elegant so they are often found on contemporary style boxes like the Farnborough grey blanket box.
  • You’re more likely to see flat panels on modern and rustic style boxes.  This design is simple but gives a sense of depth and definition.

Edge profiles

The edge profile on the lid of the blanket box also provides a bit of extra flair.  There are plenty of edge profiles out there, but some of the most common are listed below.

  • Contemporary furniture can come in a range of edge profiles, but more intricate designs are most common, such as ogee and cove edges.  The Farnborough’s cove edge gives the box added shape and elegance.
  • Rustic furniture is often designed to look chunky.  Some edge profiles, like the Winchester’s roundover edge, achieve this effect beautifully.
  • Modern designs often favour simplicity and clean lines, so a straight or eased edge is a common sight amongst this style of furniture.

Shop blanket boxes

Whether you’re interested in pine, oak, painted or reclaimed blanket boxes, you’re welcome to browse our collection.

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