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Console & Hall Tables

A console table, hall table or entryway table is a useful place for storing odds and ends and is the perfect piece to punctuate that long stretch of empty hallway.  Read our guide below to find your best option.

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100cm(w) 78cm(h) 40cm(d)  
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100cm(w) 85cm(h) 35cm(d)  
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79.5cm(w) 80.5cm(h) 26cm(d)  
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50cm(w) 80cm(h) 26cm(d)  
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100cm(w) 79cm(h) 35cm(d)  
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77.3cm(w) 84cm(h) 35cm(d)  
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100cm(w) 85cm(h) 40cm(d)  
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85cm(w) 75cm(h) 32cm(d)  
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87cm(w) 75cm(h) 35cm(d)  
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100cm(w) 76cm(h) 40cm(d)  
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120cm(w) 79cm(h) 40cm(d)  
now £339
85cm(w) 75cm(h) 32cm(d)  
now £295
50cm(w) 75cm(h) 35cm(d)  
now £269
100cm(w) 80cm(h) 32cm(d)  
now £399

So, how do you pick a console table that meets your requirements?


First, consider how much storage you’ll need.  If you just want a place to put the post and favour clean, simple furnishings, a table surface might be all you’re after.

A shelf in your console table makes a fantastic shoe rack to tidy up your trainers and wellies.

Alternatively, you can opt for a console table with drawers.  Not only do drawers keep items safe and out of sight, they also give the table more volume and presence and provide a bit more storage.  Many of our options have two or three drawers, but the Suffolk buttermilk console table includes two drawers and four baskets, more than enough to fulfil your storage requirements.


Size is another factor.  A narrower, shorter hallway might call for a small console table or narrow console table, but if your hallway is wide and seems to go on forever, a large console table makes great use of all that unused space.

Materials and finishes

Our console tables are available in a wide range of woods and finishes, all to offer the best choice and suit every taste.

Reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood console table is a fantastic choice for someone who likes their furniture to have some history behind it.  Not only is reclaimed wood packed with character, it’s also eco-friendly and resilient.


Pine console tables are brilliant if you’re hoping for a darker or more unusual finish, simply because pine is so easy to stain.  For example, the Claverton has a stunning dark finish.  Pine is also a light wood, making it easy to lift or move around.


For a pale to honey coloured finish, see our oak console tables.  Oak’s strength and outstanding woodgrain deliver on beauty as well as style.


If you’d prefer a contemporary look, a painted console table may be right for you.  Try a painted base with a lacquered top, perfect for farmhouse style furnishings.


Looking for something off the wall?  The Rockhampton’s concrete top provide plenty of industrial chic.


Your console table should match the rest of your décor.  If you’re unsure which colour would look best in your hallway, a grey or white console table suits practically any environment.

Colours can also impact how you perceive space.  If you find your hallway is shadowy or cramped, a light wood finish or paler paint colour can really open the space up and make it feel lighter.  If your hallway seems quite stark or cold, warmer and darker colours will make it feel cosier.


Legs can really impact the style of a piece of furniture.

  • Tapered legs like the Chalcot’s or turned legs like the Carolina’s are a contemporary feature which make furniture look more elegant.
  • Meanwhile, the Halstein’s metal legs give it an industrial look, well-suited to its distressed appearance.
  • Square legs are versatile and can be seen across all styles, but are especially popular on rustic furniture.  The narrower square legs are, the more delicate a table will appear.


Handles are a bigger deal than you might think when it comes to styling, so it’s worth being able to tell them apart.

  • Rustic and traditional styles favour drop handles and bail pull handles, as seen on the Vintage and Winchester respectively, and look excellent with an antique metal finish.
  • Contemporary and modern handles tend to be either silver or black.  Cup handles like the Hockley Grand‘s are a common design choice in this category.
  • Modern console tables like the Oxford often have bar, D or bow handles, giving them cleaner lines.
  • Simple drawer knobs are a great choice for more elaborate designs, since they don’t draw attention away from intricate leg or edge profiles.


Finally, look at the joinery on a console table and you’ll find a new appreciation for its craftsmanship.

  • Breadboard ends give any table a farmhouse feel and are common on rustic designs like the Salisbury.  They also help to strengthen the table.
  • Contemporary console tables are more likely to have an intricate edge profile, like a cove or ogee, while a Scandi or modern retro design may feature a square or reverse bevel edge.
  • Panelling makes the sides of your table look less bare and more defined, while exposed or dovetail joints add a nice bit of extra detail.

Shop console tables

With any luck, our guide has provided some useful insights for finding your ideal console table.  Peruse our collection and see which of our products inspire you.

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