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Double Divan Beds

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With any luck, we can help you work out which divan bed is most suitable for you.

Why choose a divan bed?

A divan bed is a divan bed base with a matching mattress.   Since the bed and mattress have the same length and width, the divan bed doesn’t take up more space than necessary, making it a good choice for a more compact room. 

Because the base is upholstered in fabric, it also comes in plenty of different colours and styles.  It also comes in more sizes than a bed frame – useful if your bedroom’s an awkward size.

Mattress options

The right mattress is key to being well-rested and pain-free.  Make sure you choose the right mattress with our equally handy mattress guide.


A divan bed frame can come in pretty much any colour imaginable, so take care to choose the best option for your current or future décor.

A grey divan bed suits most colour schemes, which makes it a versatile option.  It’s especially well-suited to contemporary style bedrooms.  Neutral colour divan beds are also a good choice.

Lighter colours will keep the room looking lighter and airier so are especially good for smaller rooms.  Darker colours make a spacious room seem snugger, so if your room is large, has high ceilings or too much wall space, this could be the option for you.

Divan beds with storage

Divan beds with storage options are also available, which are especially useful if you lack storage in the rest of your bedroom – or just need a bit more!  Since a divan bed keeps items out of sight, it’s fantastic for privacy and for making your room feel less cluttered.

Word to the wise: if you’re planning to use your bed for a lot of storage, be sure to check its weight restrictions to avoid overloading.

Divan beds can either come with drawers or as an ottoman divan bed.

Divan bed with drawers

A divan with drawers is generally better for a larger room, where you have room to pull the drawers out on either side.  It’s also more convenient to access, so it’s ideal for storing items you need to get to fairly often.  Some divan beds only open from one side, which can also help save space.

Drawers are generally an optional extra with divans, such as with our Addington 6750 range, and can come in different combinations.  Choose between 2 or 4 drawer options, or try 2 standard drawers with 2 continental drawers.

Also called mini drawers, continental drawers are great for making the most of your bed storage.  While a bedside table or fitted furniture might stop you from opening a full size drawer, conti drawers are small enough to avoid obstructions.

Ottoman divan bed

An ottoman divan bed opens upwards rather than outwards, so it’s a good option for smaller rooms.  Ottoman bed storage is especially useful for things you don’t need to access very often.  An ottoman bed can open from the side, like the Dahlia range, or the front, like the Ash 800 range.

Types of divan bed

There are two kinds of divan bed: the sprung edge and the platform top.

The sprung edge divan bed is made up of coil or pocket springs which cushion the mattress and reduce mattress wear and tear.  This is the traditional style divan bed.  A good example of this style is the Hypnos Cirrus range.

Platform tops like the Hypnos Orthocare 10 range have hard tops.  They tend to be cheaper than sprung edge divans but make the bed feel firmer and are especially compatible with memory foam and latex mattresses.

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