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Dressing Tables & Stools

A dressing table, vanity table or makeup table is the perfect option for your styling needs – so why not pick one as stylish as you?  Explore our selection with the help of our dressing table guide.

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140cm(w) 120cm(h) 42cm(d)  
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100cm(w) 84.5cm(h) 46cm(d)  
was £429 sale £285
43cm(w) 48cm(h) 43cm(d)  
was £149 sale £99
120cm(w) 75cm(h) 50cm(d)  
was £799 sale £539
from £12.19 per month*
46cm(w) 49cm(h) 40cm(d)  
was £295 sale £199
118.7cm(w) 77.3cm(h) 42.5cm(d)  
was £615 sale £465
49cm(w) 49.5cm(h) 40cm(d)  
was £175 sale £133
104cm(w) 144cm(h) 48cm(d)  
was £895 sale £599
from £13.54 per month*
50cm(w) 50cm(h) 35cm(d)  
was £265 sale £179
122cm(w) 77.8cm(h) 43.8cm(d)  
was £595 sale £425
90cm(w) 76.5cm(h) 45cm(d)  
was £525 sale £349

So, where should you start when searching for a dressing table?


Size comes first.  A smaller dressing table set like the Salisbury is a brilliant option for compact living, but if you’d prefer the extra table space and legroom you can step up to something larger, like the Winchester wide dressing table.

Storage requirements

Your choice also hinges on how much storage you need.

Many modern dressing tables resemble console tables, featuring two or three shallower drawers, which are great if you don’t need to store many products.

If you’d rather have plenty of room for your lotions, potions and styling equipment, we also have single pedestal and double pedestal dressing tables, which feature a vertical set of drawers on one or both sides.  Our Kingsley range includes examples of both a single and double pedestal.


Next, what finish would you prefer?  For a contemporary style, explore our painted and reclaimed options.  A cream, grey or white dressing table in particular will suit lots of different colour schemes.

For the natural look, try a wooden dressing table with a lacquer finish instead.


Oak is known for its strength and beautiful woodgrain, so an oak dressing table will look amazing in a natural-looking clear lacquer finish.


Pine is also a great choice, being light and good value for money.  Since pine is easy to stain, it can be found in a variety of different colours, from the Keyston’s lighter, antique wax colour to the richer, darker finish of the Claverton.


Reclaimed wood is very resilient to cracking and splitting.  It has plenty of character and is good for the environment.


The leg style of vanity tables and dressing table stools can have a huge impact on their overall appearance. 

Solid square legs are a popular choice, being quite neutral in style, and suit both traditional and modern style décor with ease.

Turned legs are intricately designed, well-suited to contemporary furnishing.

Round tapered legs are often found on furniture with Scandi or modern retro influences, like the Venice.

Perhaps you’d prefer a more classic design?  If so, more elaborate designs from years gone by include the Parisien’s 19th Century style sabre legs and the cabriole legs of the Sambre. 


Don’t forget about drawer handles – they matter more than you think!  Cup handles and drawer knobs suit contemporary styles, with drawers knobs being more minimalist.

Other handles are more ornate, like the drop pendant handles of the Parisien range and the bail pull handles of the Winchester range.

Then there are modern styles, like D, bar and bow handles.  The metal bow handles of the Oxford set give the range its clean and simple appeal.


Joinery, edge profiles and panelling on the sides or drawers can really come together to create a signature style.

The Mowbray is a testament to this, its exposed joints and panelled sides giving it plenty of dimension.

The Winchester features breadboard ends for a little extra flair, as well as sturdy but stunning dovetail joints in its drawer boxes.

Shop dressing tables, mirrors and stools

Finally, check out our matching swing mirrors and stools to complete your dressing table set and ensure your bedroom looks its best.  Which one of our dressing tables looks good to you?

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