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Recliner Sofas

Recliners are the height of luxury, so it’s no wonder you’re taking a look at our recliner sofa section – but how can you tell which model is for you?  Do you go for a manual or power recliner?  Leather or fabric?  And with so many colours available, how can you possibly choose between them?

Relax – you’re in safe hands with Furniture Barn.

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Firstly, consider what size recliner sofa is right for your home.

2 seater reclining sofa is a great choice for smaller lounges.  You can fold away your footrest rather than lose valuable floorspace to a footstool or ottoman.

3 seater reclining sofa is an ideal choice for families, provided you’ve got the room.  Enough seats for everyone but with built in R&R.

Can’t decide?  Most of our collections are available as both 2 seaters and 3 seaters, so why not kit out the whole living room and have one of each?


Next, which material would you prefer?

leather reclining sofa is fantastic for either families or a sleek, sophisticated look depending on your needs.  Corrected leathers are an excellent choice if you have pets or kids to contend with, since you can simply wipe them over when spills, crumbs and mud stains occur.  A black or brown leather reclining sofa is an iconic choice for classy yet comfy living.

If you’d prefer patterns or something at a lower price point, look no further than a fabric recliner sofa, like the Adela 3 seater manual recliner.  Though a fabric recliner is harder to clean, it’s a warm and cosy seating option.


Many of our recliner couch models come in both manual and power recliner options, such as the Aria recliner range.  So, which version is best for you?

Power recliners

A power reclining sofa is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants the five star treatment from their furniture.  There are lots of benefits to a power recliner that more than justify its higher price tag.

Firstly, a manual recliner takes a bit of oomph to operate.  A power recliner doesn’t have that problem.  Since they’re button-operated, they’ll do all the work for you.  This makes them an especially good choice for people with limited mobility.

Secondly, manual recliners tend to be subject to a lot more wear and tear.  Electrical operation means a power reclining sofa is more likely to stand the test of time.

Finally, some power recliner sofas have multiple settings and positions, even allowing you to move each part of the recliner independently.  This ensures maximum comfort.

Manual recliners

A manual recliner couch is a cheaper option, both to buy and to repair, since it doesn’t require the same electrical components as a power recliner.

The biggest pro for manual recliners is freedom.  Firstly, they are smaller and lighter than power recliners and therefore easier to manoeuvre.  Secondly, they don’t have to be near a socket because they don’t require power, meaning they can be moved to pretty much anywhere in the house.

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Now you’ve got all the info, it’s time to immerse yourself in our recliner sofa collection.

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