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4 Seater Sofas

A grand sofa or 4 seater sofa is an excellent choice for anyone who requires more seating, whether it’s for a larger family, entertaining friends and relatives or simply stretching out and relaxing.

For space, comfort and style, look no further than our 4 seater sofa section.

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There’s plenty of choice in our four seater sofa selection.  Explore your options with the help of our guide.


Our sofas come in full fabric, full leather or a fabric and leather combination.  These materials come with their own advantages.


If you’d like something comfortable and cost effective, a 4 seater fabric sofa like the Lynette, Alstons Barcelona or Alstons Newport may be right for you.  Although fabric needs more TLC when spills occur, it’s a more breathable material than leather.  This means it’s cooler in summer and warmer in winter.


Sleek and sophisticated, a 4 seater leather sofa will be more expensive than a fabric sofa but it’s worth every penny: it requires less maintenance and looks and feels incredible.

  • Correct grain leathers are robust and simple to clean, so families with children might prefer these to fabrics or natural leathers.
  • If you’re looking for something with prestige and character, on the other hand, natural leather can offer both.

Leather and fabric

Some of our classic sofas, such as the Logan and Logan pillow back, are available in a combination of fabric and leather.  The fabric cushions and chic leather body provide outstanding style and comfort in one beautiful design.


Above, we mentioned that a 4 seater couch is a great option for large families and entertaining guests, not to mention providing lots of extra room to relax.  So, why would you like a four seater sofa, and how can we help you pick a design that will meet your requirements?

Only you know the best option for you, but hopefully we can point you in the right direction.

Families and pets

When it comes to family sofas, it’s a good idea to pick colours and materials strategically.

  • A medium blue or grey 4 seater sofa will be less likely to show stains.
  • Corrected leather sofas are low maintenance, great for messy kids and busy parents.
  • Pet owners may prefer to match their furniture to the colour of their pet’s fur, so they aren’t forever hoovering their new sofa.


For entertaining guests, choosing a sofa is all about style and personality.  Make a statement using the following tips.

  • Bright, bold or contrasting colours boast plenty of wow factor.  The Lottie extra large sofa is available in a selection of eye-catching colours.
  • Big patterns make a big impression.
  • Jewel-tones are glamorous and dramatic.
  • Natural leathers ooze character and sophistication.

Relaxation and everyday life

Comfort is king here – not just for your body, but your mind, too.

  • It’s easier to unwind around mellow colours.
  • Try to choose colours you won’t tire of quickly.
  • Consider casual styles with comfy arms and deep cushions.


Finally, a few pointers on colour.

Complementary colours

When choosing a colour for your four seater sofa, take care to choose something that won’t wash out, or be washed out by existing furnishings, and that the sofa won’t clash with other items in the room.  Choose a colour that complements your existing décor instead.

Throws and cushions

If you like to keep up with current trends, you might want to pick a couch in grey or a neutral colour and dress it with colourful cushions and throws.  This means you can update your colour scheme without having to replace the whole sofa!


All sofas will fade with time, especially when they’re positioned somewhere that gets a lot of sunlight.  If you’d like your sofa to look good for ages, try a neutral or grey 4 seater sofa.  These colours will fade less obviously than others.

Shop 4 seater sofas

Our 4 seater sofas come in a selection of sizes and styles.  Shop with us today to find the right one for you.

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