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Corner Sofas

A corner group is great for anyone who has a big family or lots of visitors.  Snugly fitting into the corner of the lounge, these couches provide plenty of seating while not taking up more room than necessary.

We’ve got plenty of corner suites at Furniture Barn, so why not explore our selection?

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Corner sofas come in a variety of materials and styles.  Below, we’ll guide you through your options.

Types of corner group

There are various kinds of corner couch available, and some may suit your living room or lifestyle better than others.

  • The Almira is an example of a standard corner settee.  These sofas may have two arms, one arm or none at all depending on the design.    Selecting a design with one arm or no arms will help to save on space, a great option for a smaller living room. 
  • A chaise end is a sofa with a chaise on one side, allowing you to sit more comfortably.  A chaise end isn’t strictly speaking a corner sofa, but it does provide an extra place to sit as and when you need it.
  • A corner group with a stool is a more flexible form of seating.  You can move the stool around at your convenience, whether to suit the size and shape of your living room, provide more seating for guests or simply put your feet up.


When it comes to materials, most of our sofas come in either leather or fabric.  Both leather and fabric have their advantages.

  • A leather corner settee is easy to wipe clean and has a sophisticated appearance.  Corrected leathers can withstand more wear and tear and are more suitable for family homes, while natural leathers have more character.
  • A fabric corner sofa is a more cost effective option than leather and is a more breathable material.  It won’t get too cold in winter or too warm in summer, so there’s no need to be greeted by a cold sofa seat first thing in the morning!  Fabric is also available in a selection of patterns, textures and colours, providing a wealth of additional styling options.


The colour of your sofa is a very personal choice, but we can offer some advice to help you on your way.

Complementary colours

Whatever look you’re going for, try to select colours that complement your existing colour scheme and avoid colours that will clash or wash out the other furniture in the room.

Everyday life

If your sofa is for everyday use, you’ll be seeing a lot of it!  That’s why it’s a good idea to take your time when choosing and stick to a colour you’ll never grow tired of.

Relaxing colours are also worth considering.  A calming colour scheme makes it easier to unwind after a long day.

Changing styles

If you like to chop and change your style, a neutral or grey corner sofa is a great option because it serves as a blank canvas.  You can then use throws and cushions to change your look cheaply.

Kids and pets

Medium shades and patterns are a good choice for busy families since they don’t show marks as easily.  A medium blue or grey corner couch will be especially good at concealing stains.  Our Reva range is available in a selection of blues and greys.

If you’re a pet owner, you may want to choose a sofa that’s the same colour as your pet’s fur.  This will stop the fur from showing on the fabric, keeping hoovering to a minimum.


Which style will suit your home best?  We have two main styles available: modern and casual.

  • Contemporary couches like the Millie large corner sofa and stool often includes tapered arms and legs.  Angled legs and feet may be found on modern retro styles.
  • Casual styles like the Rhonda and Carrick focus on comfort, providing the perfect place to snuggle up with loved ones.  Often they have wide, comfy arms, too – ideal when you’re reading a book, watching TV or using your phone or tablet.  They also tend to have cosy, deep seat cushions for added luxury.

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