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Mirrors come with a selection of designs, styles and functions, but what they all have in common is that they’re a brilliant way to bring light into the room and get a good look at yourself before walking out the door.

Do you see yourself buying one of our mirrors?  Browse our collection and find out.

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Not sure which mirror will be best for your home?  Reflect on your options with our guide below.


Standing mirrors

A free standing mirror or cheval mirror allows you to see your whole reflection, great for checking you look the part before heading to work, a wedding or a party with friends.

They’re also a fantastic space saver since you won’t need to keep them on top of a dressing table or another piece of furniture.  Not only do they save floor space, they save wall space, too, leaving more room for art prints or family photos.

In addition, they aren’t in danger of warping because they aren’t fixed to the wall.

Vanity mirrors

Also known as a dressing table mirror, a vanity mirror is designed to sit on a dressing table or vanity table.  (You can see our dressing tables here.)

Some of these items come with added features.  For example, a swing mirror like the Hockley can be tilted to match your height or position, and a triple mirror like this Winchester allows you to see yourself from every point of view.

Wall mirrors

A wall mirror like the Durham simply attaches to the wall, making it the ultimate option for saving floor space.


At Furniture Barn, you’re most likely to come across an oak, pine or reclaimed mirror.  Below, we’ll take you through each of these options.


Oak has a gorgeous woodgrain, so it’s common to find an oak mirror with a clear lacquer, waxed or oiled finish that shows off this unique feature.  A clear lacquer will also bring out the oak’s naturally warm colouration, perfect for rustic or country style homes.

Our Winchester products feature a hand waxed finish while the Shackleton boasts a lacquered finish. 


You may find a pine mirror in a dark, painted or unusual finish, as with the Claverton range, since it’s an excellent wood for staining.  If you’d prefer to see the woodgrain more clearly, the Keyston has an antique waxed finish that might just take your fancy.

Pine is excellent value for money, being light, cheap and resilient.

Reclaimed wood

Old wood is less likely to crack or split than newer wood, since it won’t expand and contract as much in response to moisture in the air.  As such, not only is reclaimed wood an environmentally friendly option, it’s also extremely robust.  Reclaimed wood is also a great solution if you like furniture with an interesting past.  Every reclaimed mirror, from the Venice to the Halstein, has its own story to tell.


A mirror can have other functions, such as enhancing the light in the room or offering additional storage space.

Enhancing light

By placing a mirror directly opposite any good light source, whether it’s a lamp, doorway or window, you can really light up the room.

A large mirror will enhance light more than a small mirror. 


Some of our products include storage to make them even more useful.  The Parisien dressing mirror and cheval mirror include a shallow drawer for odds and ends.


The shape of your mirror can have a big impact on the overall look of your room.  Most often you’ll see round, rectangular and arched options.


A round mirror is great for creating a focal point in the room, since its soft shape naturally draws the eye.  Some, like the Liana and Salma, emphasise this with their large, dramatic frames.


In art, straight lines provide a sense of stability, and a rectangular mirror will have a similar effect.  Two or more together can create the illusion of having windows inside the room.


Arched mirrors are ideal for contemporary and industrial style furnishings.  This classic shape reminds us of old-fashioned and extravagant architecture, from castles to factories to everything in between.  An ingenious way to add interest to your home.


Our products come in a selection of styles to suit all tastes.

  • Contemporary styles can often be found with a painted finish, like the Farnborough.  Some may include  an elegant arch shape for vintage appeal.
  • Rustic style products will often have a clear finish which showcases the grain of the wood.  Oak is an especially popular material for this style, whether solid or veneers.  These pieces may have a chunky design and are more likely to be rectangular in shape.
  • Industrial style items use materials like metal and reclaimed wood to achieve their raw look.  Panelled mirrors like the Savana are well- suited to this style.

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Now we’ve guided you through our collection, which of our products will suit you best?

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