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Recliner Chairs

The recliner armchair is a universal symbol for relaxation.  Comfy and supportive, there’s no better way to unwind after a long day than to put your feet up in this iconic member of the chair family.

Furniture Barn have a selection of recliners available.  Explore your options below.

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Kick back as we guide you toward your perfect recliner.

Power or manual?

Furniture Barn offer both power and manual recliner chairs – so which type of recliner will suit you best?  Below, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of both.

Power recliners

Power recliners are larger and more expensive than manual recliners.  They also require a power source, so they can’t be too far from a plug.  However, they do come with plenty of advantages.

  • Unlike manual recliners, power recliners are effortless to operate, reclining at the touch of a button.  Although everyone can take advantage of this useful feature, it’s especially worth considering for customers with limited mobility or lower body strength.
  • By choosing a model with multiple settings and independently moving parts, you can perfectly hone the recliner to your comfort needs.
  • Since power recliners move in a more controlled way, they’re likely to last longer than manual alternatives since they won’t suffer as much wear and tear.

Manual recliners

As mentioned above, manual recliners require a bit of strength to operate and won’t last as long as a power recliner – but that’s not to say they don’t have their strengths.

  • Manual recliners are cheaper than power recliners because they don’t require the same expensive components and technology that power recliners do.  This also makes them cheaper to repair.
  • They don’t require access to a power socket, so there are fewer limits on where the chair can be placed.
  • They are lighter and smaller, so they are easier to manoeuvre than electric alternatives.

Integrated footrests versus footstools

A recliner may come with either a footstool or an integrated footrest.

Integrated footrests

Some recliners come with a built-in footrest which comes out of the seat through a folding action.  An integrated footrest…

  • Boosts relaxation by providing better support for your lower legs.
  • Saves space because you can fold the footrest away when it isn’t in use.
  • Has more components, so is more likely to need repairs.


On the other hand, a separate footstool…

  • Is useful if you are shorter or taller than average, since you can move the stool to better support your body.
  • Is portable
  • Can include storage, keeping surroundings tidier
  • Takes up more space
  • Contains fewer parts and so is less likely to need replacing.

Swivel bases

Some of our recliner chair designs come with a swivel base, such as the Brados leather swivel recliner.  There are several benefits to this design.

  • Chairs with swivel bases are more flexible because they can be positioned in tighter or more awkward spaces.  There’s no need to twist your body, step around the chair or avoid knocking the lamp table just to get into or out of your seat.  Simply turn whilst sitting and step out at the most convenient angle.
  • They save space because you don’t need to allow as much room to move around the chair.
  • They are more sociable.  Swivel between guests and the TV without straining your neck.


Our recliners are available in either fabric or leather, so read on below to find the best material for you. 


Fabric is a cheaper material that’s cosier on winter evenings and cooler at the height of summer.  Naturally breathable, it’s available in a selection of patterns and textures, making fabric recliners on the whole more customisable than leather versions.


Leather recliners add a splash of sophistication to any living room and come in a variety of grades and types.  In our selection, you’re most likely to see corrected grain leathers and natural leathers.

  • Corrected grain leather recliner chairs like the Lanwood are easy to clean, making them lower maintenance than fabric options.
  • Natural leather recliners are loaded with character and tend to have a more distinctive appearance.

A black leather recliner chair is a popular choice, and for good reason with its sleek, executive feel. If you’d like something with classic appeal, a brown leather recliner might be right for you.  For an ultra-modern look, white leather will do the trick.


Finally, would you prefer a casual recliner or a modern recliner?


Casual recliners prioritise comfort, so they may include more padding for that sink-in-your-seat feeling.  The Saxon has padded arms, making it easy to relax with a book or tablet, and its deeper seat cushions provide an added dose of luxury.


Modern recliners, such as the Hayle and Tanner, are more likely to boast a sleek and elegant appearance.

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Now we’ve taken you through your options, which of our recliners takes your fancy?

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