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Also known as a cuddle chair, snugglers are a great place to snuggle up!  Seating two people perfectly, they’re ideal for couples and compact living.

At the bottom of the page, we’ve provided a guide to our snugglers to help you find the perfect one for you.

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Our snugglers come in a selection of materials and styles. We’ll take you through your options below.


In our collection, you’ll generally find love chairs in fabric or leather – and occasionally, a bit of both! So, what are the advantages of these materials?


fabric snuggler will come at a lower price point and may be available in a range of patterns, colours and textures for extra variety and styling options.

In the event of spills, fabric does require a bit more maintenance, but it’s softer and more breathable than leather. In addition, it’s cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 


Although it comes with a bigger price tag, a leather snuggler is a stylish addition to any lounge. There are two kinds of leathers you might see in our collection: correct grain leathers and natural leathers.

  • If you prefer your seating to be low maintenance and hassle-free, you might want to try a correct grain leather love sofa. Correct grain leathers are easy to wipe clean, making them more convenient for family life.
  • If you’re hoping for a sofa with character, a snuggle seat in natural leathers might be more your style.

Fabric and leather combo

When you mix cosy seat cushions with a gorgeous leather body, you’ll end up with something as stunning as the Logan or Logan pillow back. Classic style sofas are most likely to come in this design.

What’s your snuggler for?

Different people prioritise different features when buying a cuddle sofa. Whether you’re hoping for something that can survive the kids, something to chill out on every night, something that makes a statement or simply something that will stand the test of time, we’ll do our best to offer some helpful hints.

Kids and pets

Kids and pets of all sizes can make an awful lot of mess. There’s only so much you can do to protect your poor furnishings against the tornado of family life, but there are ways to minimise the damage – or at the very least, hide the evidence!

  • Medium colours can work wonders for hiding stains. A mid-grey or blue snuggle chair will be especially good for this. As mentioned above, another good choice is a correct grain leather since it’s so low maintenance.
  • Alternatively, you might want to try matching the fabric to your pet’s fur. This will make the sofa look cleaner for longer, so you won’t need to vacuum it as often.

Chilling out and everyday life

It’s harder to switch off after a long day at the office if you’re surrounded by bright, exciting colours all evening. Likewise, some colours are great in small doses but aren’t quite so attractive when you’re looking at them all the time.

The same applies to style – it’s all well and good having a sofa that’s ultra-fashionable, but if it’s not comfortable, too, then the novelty will soon wear off.

  • An everyday cuddle chair needs to feel even better than it looks. Something in a casual style will allow you to cuddle up in comfort thanks to its wide, comfy arms and deep seats.
  • For everyday life, it’s a good idea to select soothing colours that you’ll never get tired of seeing.

Making a statement

If your loveseat is for occasional use, or is going in a room where you entertain guests, you might want to go for something brave and bold that will really make a statement. Turn your sofa into a conversation piece with a striking design, big patterns, jewel-tones or contrasting colours.


Sofas can lose their sparkle for two reasons. Firstly, their colours will naturally fade over time. Secondly, fashions change, meaning the style or colour you choose may eventually look dated. So, what to do about these problems?

A neutral or grey snuggle chair may be the answer.

  • Fading might be inevitable, but with greys and neutrals it’s far less noticeable, meaning your upholstery will look fantastic for longer.
  • A more versatile style and colour will help your sofa to fit in whatever the fashion. A neutral or grey snuggle chair can serve as a blank canvas which you can dress with cushions and throws. Buy new cushions and throws whenever you want to swap styles – a far more cost effective way of staying on trend.


Finally, consider what style will suit your living room. We have several to choose from.


You’ll typically find that a casual snuggle sofa includes thick or tapered arms, perfect for leaning with a book or tablet, and a deep seat cushion that guarantees comfort. That’s because the casual style is built for chilling out.


A classic style might include traditional features like turned or traditional bun feet, scroll arms and button tufting.


Contemporary styles may feature square or round tapered feet. The modern retro style in particular favours a round tapered leg, and legs and arms may be angled to create more interesting and dramatic shapes. The Harris Tweed Nevis Snuggler is a fantastic example of this style.

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