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Sofa Beds

A pull out sofa bed is the perfect piece of furniture for anyone who has family and friends to stay.  Use our handy guide to ensure your nearest and dearest sleep in comfort and style.

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170cm(w) 90cm(h) 86cm(d)  
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from £22.58 per month*

At Furniture Barn, our sofa beds cater to diverse tastes, blending functionality with elegance. Explore our collection below to uncover what awaits you.

Material Choices


Value-driven? A fabric sofa bed could be ideal. While spills demand attention, fabric's breathability offers warmth in winter and coolness during summer.


Elevate style with leather's distinct appeal. Families prefer corrected leathers for easy cleaning. Natural leather exudes character and prestige.

Seamless Integration:

Harmonise your space. Many sofa ranges incorporate sofa beds, ensuring a unified aesthetic throughout your living room.

The Right Mattress:

Tailor to your needs based on guest frequency

Occasional use?

Opt for a cost-effective foam or open spring mattress. Frequent guests? Indulge in luxury with pocket spring mattresses, worth the investment.

Perfect Fit:

Size matters, aligning with your room's dimensions:

Compact room?

Choose a 2-seater sofa bed. Abundant space? Accommodate guests with a roomier 3-seater sofa bed.

Measure with Precision:

Ensure a snug fit, considering folded and unfolded dimensions. Measure your space, doorways, and hallways to guarantee a seamless addition.

Art of Colour:

Pick the right hue with ease

Complement existing furnishings for cohesive aesthetics. Opt for neutrals like cream or grey, allowing accessories to shine. Family-friendly mid-grey or blue conceals stains effortlessly. Create a serene ambiance with mellow tones for ultimate relaxation.

Explore and Shop:

Unveil a spectrum of options in our collection, designed to match your home seamlessly. Choose the perfect sofa bed at Furniture Barn.

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